Indian Pilot : Salary, Training, duty timing

An Indian pilot uses specialized techniques to maneuver and monitor the aviation of an airliner for various motives. The purposes for which aircraft is used are for carrying people from one place to another, holding up goods, and military objectives like bombing, supervision, rocket attacks.

Now let us know How to Become an Indian Pilot? So, a candidate should be of a Science background with Mathematics and Physics as the mandatory subjects. Aspirants must pass with a minimum of 50% in 10+2 and should have the mark sheets required accordingly by the institutions. 

You can become a Pilot in India in two ways i.e. 

  • Civil Aviation (Commercial Pilot)
  • Indian Air Force Pilot

The regulations for obtaining the license for Commercial Pilot and Indian Air force are different. So, let’s proceed further and know the procedure, Training, salaries of the pilots. 

Indian Pilot

 Commercial Pilot

Commercial Indian Pilot flies a certain airplane for an airline and has a commercial pilot certificate handed out by the DGCA of India. A pilot holds up a big duty of hundreds of people sitting in a single airplane to take them from one place to another in the careful and earliest time possible.

The Commercial Pilots are further categorized into three, i.e. Passenger Pilots who are accountable for taking passengers from a state or country to a different state/country, Cargo Pilots responsible for transferring goods from one point to another point as appointed by the shipment agents, Aerosports Pilots.

The latter is associated with athletics and adventure training involving aeromodelling, air rallies, aerobatics, ballooning, and many more. 

To become a Commercial Pilot, a candidate must be 12 passed out and join DGCA authorized institutions for a pilot training course.

You have to give a written test and should be medically eligible according to DGCA medical examination rules. To get a CPL, the aspirants will have to finish off 200 hours of plane flying. 

Indian Air Force Pilot

Indian Air Force pilots are the strength for the Indian defense forces like the Indian Army, Navy, and Airforce. The Indian Air Force helps the Indian military troops with airways skills like air attacks, spotting missions, and shipping army necessary equipment and personnel. 

The Military Pilots are further categorized into sub-divisions, i.e. Army Pilots: who are mainly Heli Pilots with skilled in completing a mission through helicopters, supervision, fires on helicopters; Airforce Pilots who are qualified and excellent aircraft and helicopter captains understood for their trained task in fighter pilots, transporter pilots and many more.

They also include Drone Pilots who are accountable to monitor Drone and their actions; Navy Pilots are likewise professionals dealing with both planes and helicopters as needed by the Indian Navy. 

Pilot Training

Indian Pilot Training is a mandatory part that is given to the candidate before providing the Commercial Pilot License. The Training is shown in aviation and in the technicians and science pertained to in flying an airplane. As the pilot is responsible for many lives sitting in aircraft, the Training is very strict, and the candidate has to be extremely serious while Training.

For the Military Pilots, the candidates are given three years of training at the National Defence Academy. After the complete Training, aspirants are delegated as pilots at the Air Force Stations. During Training, the candidates are explained every element included in flying an airliner, conveying to air traffic control, its maintenance, Training in appliance set up in a cockpit, and many more.

So basically, the contents that are taught while Training is Air Navigation, Air Regulations, Aviation Meteorology, Cockpit Resource Management, Air Frames and Engines, etc. 

Indian Pilot Salary

The Pilots’ salary varies from industry to industry and varies on their certification and allotted flying time. Private operators position them, work as commercial pilots, or be recruited in the Indian air forces.

So, the salaries of commercial pilots and Military pilots vary. The commercial pilots salaries are such: 1,77,540 starting; 23,63,300 mid-level, 1,00,45,415 high-level salary.

The Indian Air forces salaries are: 7,00,000 starting; 10,00,000 mid-level and 20,00,000 high-level salary. 

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Indian Pilot duty timing

The absolute flying task for every aircrew is made limited for a certain period to prohibit the pressure resulting in insufficient sleep. The crews are given the maximum rest so that further work can be done appropriately without any issues. Therefore the pilot duty timing is set.

 For a commercial pilot to fly the plane, the timing is as follows:

  • 8 hours in every 24 hours
  • 30Hours in a week
  • 125 hours in a month
  • 270 Hours in 90 days
  • 1000 hours in a year

These time limitations are made for Commanders, whereas for a Co-Pilot, the flight time is 80%. 

For a Military Pilot, the timing is as follows:

  • 8 Hours in 24 Hours,
  • 35 Hours in a week,
  • 125 Hours in a month, and
  • 1000 hours in a year.

The time limitations and resting duration specified are made for all the pilots.

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