How to share location in WhatsApp – Step by Step guide

WhatsApp is a handy messaging app where Users can send and receive text messages, photographs, links, and documents. It’s the greatest method for staying in touch with the group’s members around the world. But do you know How to share location in WhatsApp?  You can stop location sharing at any time by turning off the permissions on your iOS or Android device. Location sharing is an end-to-end encrypted message.

Users can record audio and video messages and use the platform’s assortment of stickers and GIFs. Additionally, users can use WhatsApp’s Current Location and Live Location functions to share their location with other users. Have you heard about sharing location on WhatsApp? You may find out where a person is right now and in the area by using the sharing location feature. Learn more about the distinction between Live and Current Location as well as how to share a location on WhatsApp by reading on.

Difference between the Current and Live location on WhatsApp

Even though WhatsApp’s live location and its current location are two distinct features, sharing them online is sometimes confusing. So, we’re here to support you. The person you are chatting with receives a pin with your current exact position thanks to WhatsApp.

The person you share your WhatsApp live location with, on the other hand, will receive a real-time update of your precise location, allowing them to follow your every move.

Share your location on WhatsApp using an iPhone

The question arises, how to share location in Whatsapp using an iPhone? You must first make sure that your location services are enabled to begin sharing your location on WhatsApp on Android or iOS. To enable this option, go to the Settings app on your smartphone.

The process for sending your location on WhatsApp using an iPhone is the same as it is for Android, but the user interface is a little different. To send your location on WhatsApp for iOS, simply adhere to the methods listed below:

Step 1. Open WhatsApp.

Step 2. Open the Chats

Step 3. Tap the individual or group with whom you want to share your location.

Step 4. Press the plus symbol in the bottom left corner.

Step 5. Click “Location.”

Step 6. To share your location always or “Only While Using the App,” make your choice.

Step 7. Click “Share Live Location” or “Send Your Current Location.”

Before you select the option to share your location, give the app a chance to pinpoint it with the greatest degree of precision.

A pop-up screen will show if you selected the live location option. A request to enable background location access will appear after you tap OK. Set the location permission to “Always” under Settings. Choose from 15 minutes, 1 hour, or 8 hours for the live location sharing period, then click submit.

How to share your location on WhatsApp using your Android

 Follow these steps on how to share your location in WhatsApp using your Android phone:

Step 1. Open WhatsApp on your Android.

Step 2. Open the Settings and confirm that Location Services are enabled and turned on.

Open the chat where you want to share your location or live location on WhatsApp by going there.

Step 3. At the bottom of the screen, tap the Attachments icon next to the camera icon.

Select the location menu item.

Step 4: Your current location will now be displayed; depending on your needs, choose either “Send your current location” or “Share live location.”

Step 5: Before you select the option to share your location, give the app a chance to pinpoint it with the greatest degree of precision.

If you choose the “Live Location” option, choose the time frame (15 minutes, 1 hour, or 8 hours) and then click the “Paper Plane” button to send the message.

When finished and you no longer want to share your live location, return to the sharing page and select “Stop Sharing” to hide it from others.

Users have the option to stop sharing their Live Location after sending it to WhatsApp. The location card within the chat allows for this. Users are now asked whether they want to share their location constantly or just when they use a specific application with the most recent updates to Android and iOS. This is a good way to prevent an application from accessing users’ locations without permission.

How to share location in WhatsApp Advantages:

It enables you to share your live location with a group or a particular contact on WhatsApp. Additionally, the end-to-end encryption of the location-sharing feature ensures that no third parties may access, alter, misuse, or monitor the data because it is not stored on WhatsApp servers. You may follow the whereabouts of friends and family members at any moment thanks to this tool.

How long does Live Location Last on WhatsApp?

You decide how to share location in Whatsapp, but WhatsApp offers a few preset settings. You have the option to share your location at different times. The software will continuously log your location if you share your live location, which has implications for both your privacy and battery life.

When you have a low battery, we advise against sharing your live position because it might quickly drain your power. Even when the phone’s screen is off and the program is only open in the background when sharing a live location, WhatsApp may still access your location.

Final Words

In the foreseeable future, WhatsApp plans to continue introducing new features. Location sharing and how to share location in Whatsapp are two crucial features that frequently prove useful. Location monitoring has many advantages, from allowing you to disclose your location while meeting someone to informing your parents or partners of your whereabouts.

You have a choice over whether and how long your live location is shared. You can revoke permission to share your current location at any moment. Since this feature is end-to-end encrypted, only the individuals you shared it with can see your live location.


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