How to view deleted messages in WhatsApp

WhatsApp is one of the most popular instant messaging apps being used worldwide. How to view deleted messages in WhatsApp on your phone is what we’ll cover in this article. WhatsApp is typically the favoured app because so many people use it, whether you’re texting a friend or starting a group chat with your family. Because of its success, WhatsApp has been adding new functionality to the platform, such as support for multiple devices and, more recently, disappearing messages.

WhatsApp added the option to erase sent messages before the recipient reads them quite some time ago. This can be helpful if you typed the message incorrectly or sent it to the incorrect contact. The recipient, on the other hand, may experience the reverse reaction and become more curious than usual to learn what was given. Although it’s not technically possible to read deleted messages on WhatsApp, there is a trick that we’ll go through today.

How to see deleted WhatsApp messages

The end-to-end encryption of WhatsApp chats means that deleted messages cannot be recovered. Use an app that tracks your WhatsApp notifications as a workaround. It’s more like looking through your notification history to find the deleted message in this situation. Although I’ve been using it for more than a year without any problems, it almost always works beautifully. Even other messaging services like Instagram and Telegram and WhatsApp Business are compatible with it. Here’s How to view deleted messages in WhatsApp:

Step 1: Install WAMR on your phone from  Play Store. Many apps can accomplish the task, but I’ve personally used this one for a while.

Step 2: Open the app after installation, read the disclaimer, and then tap “I accept.” Pick up the Next button.

Step 3: Next, you’ll be prompted to choose which apps you wish to keep an eye on. If you choose, choose WhatsApp and any additional messaging services you use from the list.

Step 4: Until you reach the Setup page, read through and keep swiping right across the selections. Next to Notification Reader, press enable.

Step 5: You will now be sent to the Settings app on your phone, where you can approve notification access. Locate WAMR by scrolling down and tapping on it.

Step 6: Tap Allow once more after switching the switch next to allow notification access.

Step 7: Return to the WAMR app and press the Next arrow after granting access.

Step 8: That’s it. Your WhatsApp notification history is now kept on file by a provider. WAMR will alert you if someone deletes a message they sent you, and you can touch on the notification to read the deleted message.

Step 9: Some phones have a propensity towards aggressive RAM management, which ends the background WAMR activity. To stop this from happening, we advise always leaving the app open in the background.

WAMR saves the message’s contents from the notice you receive on your phone when someone sends you a message. In this approach, even if a message is deleted, you can still view its contents because the notification has already stored it in WAMR. Since this is a trick, it has several drawbacks. Since alerts for muted contacts are disabled, if a contact you have muted deletes a message that was sent to you, you will not be able to recover it.

WAMR won’t be able to save deleted media files if you’ve turned off WhatsApp’s ability to download media automatically. How to view deleted messages in WhatsApp Additionally, it won’t function if the deleted message was sent to you when your phone was not online because you wouldn’t have received a notification. This is a fantastic technique to read deleted WhatsApp messages and satiate your curiosity if you can cope with these drawbacks.

How to view deleted messages in WhatsApp without any app

You may read deleted WhatsApp chats without installing any apps if you have an Android 11 device. Even after the recipient has erased a message, the OS has a built-in notification history feature that can maintain a record of all WhatsApp messages. Additionally, using it is free. Here’s How to view deleted messages in WhatsApp on an Android 11 smartphone without any app and, enable notification history as follows:

Step 1: Tap “Apps & Notifications” in the Settings app after opening it.

Step 2: Select “Notifications.”

Step 3: Toggle the button next to “Use notification history” by tapping “Notification history.”

Step 4: Following this, the page will display all of your future alerts, including WhatsApp messages.

Every time you want to read deleted WhatsApp messages, you must repeat the same steps. The notifications will be piled on top of the messages (anything from the last 24 hours). As if it were on the phone’s pull-down notification shade, you can respond to the notification by pressing it. The Android 11 notification history feature doesn’t retrieve media files, much like Not save. Follow the previously described “how to see deleted WhatsApp media files step” to do that.

Note: You must give the app permission to operate in the background. Naturally, you can modify it at any moment by going to Settings > Apps & Notifications on your phone. How to view deleted messages in WhatsApp in The app will additionally request permission for notification and storage in addition to this. It is crucial to keep in mind that any app you grant notification access to will be able to see your personal information, including contact information and text messages you receive. So, bear that in mind before granting any third-party app access to “Notifications.”

Final word:

It should be noted that this workaround only functions on Android and not iOS. How to view deleted messages in WhatsApp For this approach, we’ll be using a third-party app with notification access. This is NOT an official way to use WhatsApp, and this app has nothing to do with WhatsApp.

Please consider your needs carefully before granting an app access to your notifications, as this is another highly broad and potentially intrusive permission. Despite this, the app’s privacy statement indicates that it does not gather personal data. However, in the event of a mistake, the service will mostly compile information on your phone’s IP address, device name, and operating system version.

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