Business Letter Format With Examples & types in 2021

A letter handed down by an organization to communicate with another company is a Business Letter. These are proforma papers delivered from a company to another business, client’s, employees. A business letter is considered crucial to incorporate businesses because the letter is made used for professional mail among two individuals.

The printed letters are mostly used for important concerns like job invitations, relieving letters, employment letters, etc. These days business letters are also sent through emails. The expression of the letter depends on the recipient and objective of the letter.

The letter should be in an informal tone and sometimes in an informal voice, wherever applicable. A proper format is followed to convey any information to other companies. Letter size depends on the matter that is being conveyed. Through the sample of business letter, you’ll get to understand everything.

  • The company’s letterhead is used because it creates the letter unique and it shows the genuineness of the sender. Similarly, you can put your company’s stamp on name distinction and a more credible impression.
  • The company’s letterhead is always recommended for composing a business letter. But, if you don’t use the letterhead then you should maintain the proper format of the letter for a professional image. On the left top of the page, write the contact information. Don’t write your name there, simply put your signature at the ending of the letter. Simply, jot down your city, state, zip code, and address.

To write a Business letter, follow these things:

The letter format should include every important detail that has to be communicated. A letter must be written on the company’s letterhead and it should be to the point and include the motive of describing the letter. The introduction must be short containing all the information that tells the purpose of the letter.

Unwanted words should not be written and they must be persuaded to the person by describing the objective well. Begin with Hello sir/Maam if you don’t know the person to whom the letter is communicated in any company.

Write down the proper address in the business letter. Salutation is necessary as it shows your decency. Start the letter and in the first passage, introduce yourself then describe in brief the motive and then end the letter with writing the conclusion.

Modern business letter format

The business letter should be in a proper format and if you don’t know then See below to know the format of the business letter.
Firstly note every detail of yours i.e. Sender’s details

  • Name
  • Job designation
  •  Company name
  • Address
  • Postcode of State or city
  • Contact number
  • Email
  • Date


Then, continue with the Recipient’s details
• Recipients Name
• Job designation
• Company name
• Address
• Postcode of State or city

Salutation shows your decency.

Dear Ms/Mr.
If you’re not aware of the people’s identity to whom you’re writing the letter then write “To Whom it May concern” or Hello Sir/Maam.
Talk about every piece of information that has to be communicated. The body contains different important sentences that inform, convince and communicate acknowledgement.

The first paragraph should contain details that tell the other people about yourself and the reason for the letter. The recipient must get a clear idea of why the letter has been written because usually people read the first para and get to know the purpose of the letter and don’t read further.

Coming to the next paragraph, make use of the persuasive points and information that explain your main message. The recipient should get convinced by your words. Proceed with another paragraph to support your message, if you think it’s needed.

In conclusion, rephrase the purpose of the business letter and contain a call to action. That will tell the reader what has to be done after looking over the letter.

Close the matter with Yours sincerely, Respectfully, Cordially.

Write Thank you, All the best, Regards when your business letter is not so formal.
At the end put your signature with name, contact number, post designation, email, and other information.

The various samples of business letters include:
Employment letter, Appointment letter, Order letter, Recommendation letter, Sales letter, Offer letter, Reference letter, Inquiry letter, Acknowledgment letter.

Certain standard rules should be followed when presenting the formal letter.

  • The business letters must be aligned left. Right or middle alignment is not acceptable in maximum professional environments.
  • Single space should be left in the letter. There must be a gap in the middle of the address, date, salutation, and paragraphs.
  • Keep the word size 12 as most of the companies find it appropriate.
  • For the company’s letterhead put in a horizontal line below it. And maintain 1 to 1.5 inches margins, as it the most widely approved form for professionals purposes.

Business letter sample

Sender’s name….
ABC Company
13 sector, Kolkata

14th April 2021

Recipient’s name
Job designation
ABC company
Park Street 13….. (Address)

I feel honoured to invite you to the event being held in our company for bringing new technologies to the market. The event is on 30th April 2021. In the event, every new strategy and equipment will be shown.

The event is beneficial for the employees who’ll get the opportunity to greet the business leaders and discover new ideas.
The event is going to take place in our company auditorium and will continue for 3 hours. Looking forward to your response so that a place can be made reserved for you.

I sincerely appreciate for giving your valuable time. I have high hopes of meeting you soon.
Senders Name


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