How to write birthday invitation letter in 2021

An invitation letter exhibits a proper invitation for the welcoming of an individual guest, friends, families, colleagues at an event. The letter can be formal or informal. It is created for events like birthdays, weddings, anniversary parties, annual dinners, etc. So, here we’ll talk about the birthday invitation letter.

Most kids and adults like to have fun at birthday parties. When you plan to throw your birthday party or your families, it needs proper arrangements starting from invitation to them, foods and many more.

Making a birthday invitation letter is a first and important process in organizing a birthday party because an invitation creates a good impact of yours on others and it makes the guests understand everything well about the party.

These days people have made their work simpler by just instant messaging for invitation or by posting on social media. Hardly people make some effort by creating a good invitation letter. This digital age has taken away personal interaction.

So, if you’re planning for a party, don’t simply text the guests, instead make a good attractive invitation card such that you can make a good impression on people.

For a party, the important things to tell your guests are the venue and the date, apart from that theme of the party, casual or grand party and many more things must be written on the invitation.

It’s importance

  1. The invitation letter forms the mood for the party. Through the invitation letter, every detail is conveyed clearly. Also, to excite the guests, the birthday invitation letter must be created like the party theme.
  2. They’re telling on. For a smooth party running, the invitation letter helps in informing the guests of every detail including starters, main course, soft drinks, games. Furthermore, the parking area must be included. The online invitation just looks like a formality and it makes the guests feel not being valued therefore this letter is important for the invitation.
  3. The letter becomes memorable for a long. The physical letter keeps reminding people of the invitation every time they see the letter. The letter keeps people reminding of the party and in the online invitation, people might forget about the party.
  4. The words written in it should be attractive so that the person feels valued to come to the party. Telling things like the person’s presence will be great at the party. This will create excitement in your friend to be a part of your celebration.

The birthday invitation letter must be in a basic format that includes every piece of information about the birthday party. So, if you don’t have the idea of how to write the letter in a proper format, we’ve presented it below:

(Party hostname)
(Adress, Contact no)


(Guests name)

Sub: Inviting to the birthday celebration

Dear………(Guests name)
I am writing this birthday invitation letter to you to come to the birthday celebration of……( birthday person name), he/she turns……. Years old. On the happiest day, we’ll be delighted by you and your family joining us in the celebration. The venue of the party is………on……. (date) at…..(time).

The party is planned very well, it will include all the entertaining things like foods, snacks, drinks, fun games, the cake that will cheer up your mood.

To make the party more interesting we’ve selected a…… theme, so dress up according to the party code. You and your family will surely enjoy it to the fullest and your attendance at the party is highly needed. For any kind of more interesting ideas and tips, kindly contact me.

Wishing for a positive reply from your side, do come to the party and cheer up the party with your presence. Catch you very soon at the mentioned venue and date.
Thanking you
Yours Truly,

Tips to write a decent birthday invitation letter:

  1. Use positive and appealing words to invite the person to a party.
  2. Speak about the birthday person’s name and what age he/she is turning for the knowledge of whose birthday it is.
  3. Convey all the details of the party such as date, time, venue.
  4. Tell the exact date of the party so that people don’t get confused and prepare themselves before the party. Also mention the hour of the party like from 4 pm to 7 pm, so that your friends can free themselves for the party for that hour.
  5. Give the full address of the venue be it your home, a hotel, farmhouse, or any location so that your friends can come exactly to that location. Don’t think beforehand that people must be knowing the address of the place.
  6. Speak of the activities to be done for the entertainment of the guests at the party. Mention the games, snacks, drinks, foods, gifts so that people don’t find the party boring. And by hearing about these, the guests will be excited.
  7. Mention the party theme and tell the guests to wear the dress according to the theme so that the party can be more enjoyable.
  8. Jot down whether it’s a surprise party so that the efforts and arrangements of the organizers don’t get spoiled.
  9. Don’t forget to mention if the person alone is invited or along with family.
  10. Write the letter in an informal and decent tone.

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