How to write an appointment letter

The appointment letter is a certificate given to the nominee who has cracked the interview and has been given a designation.

The document shows the assurance of a selection for a specific  The company handouts the letter to the candidate for whatever the post may be such as an auditor, accountant, software professional, and many more for an internship.

After people apply for the job, they give an interview and are entered into the company through a selection process. After analyzing everything of the candidates, the selected candidates are sent an appointment letter at their address, that expresses that he/she has been selected for…….. (Post). Every description regarding the job is interpreted in the letter.

The name of the candidate, its designation, date of joining, working hours, salary, job location, bonuses, terms, and conditions are included in the appointment letter.

The letter can be made use by a Company’s or HR Manager of the company proposing a job to forthcoming employment.

The letter is written formally and consists of all those matters that were not spoken of during employment, the work hours, and the daily tasks and responsibilities that have to be done for the expansion of the company.

The two copies of the appointment letter are made ready, one mutually signed letter is kept by the Employer and the other is kept by the Employee.

The letter act as a piece of documentary evidence to get their rights and benefits as an employer. There is no prominent law that compels the compulsory allotment of appointment letters, but some states have a law to mandatory mention the details of the candidate in the letter.

How to write an appointment letter?

To write an appointment letter, follow a proper format so that it appears to be formal. Follow the steps described below to write the letter.

  • Firstly it’s important to write the letter on company letterhead. Begin your letter by announcing to the candidate that he/she has been appointed to the……. (Designation) duty while indicating the date of the report. Mention the information if the candidate needs to report to the office for bond signing.
  • It is the first letter that a candidate gets from the company to start the employer and employee relationship. The letter must be in a soft and greeting tone. The matter should be jotted down in a way that should fill in every area of the accountabilities towards the company.
  • Your appointment letter must be depicted in such a way that the receiver can get to know what your letter is about.
  • Start the letter by implying your name, address, job title, and organization name. Don’t forget to add the interaction date.
  • Mention the candidate’s designation, working hours, task to be performed, salary, joining day, and holidays.
  • Give the details of bonuses and tax deductions in the letter so that the candidate gets enthusiastic about it.
  • Let the candidate know everything about the work and responsibilities to expand the company.
  • Write good wishes and lastly put the date and your signature and give space for candidates date and sign too.

Check out the proper format:

Described above are the things to be kept in mind while writing the letter and now we’ll see the proper format of the letter.


Candidates name

Residential Address


Dear…….. (Candidates name)

You have been appointed on…… (designation name) with……. Company. We are grateful and looking forward to your contribution to the company.

Work Joining date

Destination title


Employment location : (The address of the office in which the post has been appointed and if the location changes as per time).

Working hours

Internship period

Leave Policy

Terms and Conditions

Sign our offer according to our terms and conditions, and we are looking ahead to work together.

With best wishes

Organization‘s name

Concerned person name


Private company appointment letter format

Private companies have a format of appointment letter so follow a proper format so that it appears to be formal that includes candidates name, joining date, designation title, working hours, leave policy, roles, and duties, notice period clause, termination condition, etc.

The process of appointing a new employee to work includes recruitment, interview, appointment and after the candidates get selected, the appointment letter is sent to the candidate as a confirmation that they have been selected in the company. So, let’s look at the format




Dear (Candidates name)

Selected on………..(job title)

According to your interview, you have been selected to work with the organization on the……..(designation) position. So, under the subsequent terms and conditions, we are being grateful to you to join from the date (…..).

Salary: The salary that has been proposed to the candidate at the time of the interview.

Probationary time:

Working hours:  Working Days in a week, hours to work, lunch break, everything is mentioned.

Leave Policy: Give the details of the number of leaves permitted in a year. Details of all types of leaves i.e. casual leave, sick leave, earned leave, etc.

Notice Period Clause: If the appointed employee wishes to resign from the company, he/she must attend to the notice periods according to the statement of the company in the appointment letter.

(Appointment letter giver name)


Candidates name



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