Report writing format and Topics 2022

Among the most significant themes within English writing ability for class 12 includes report composing format, as well as writing a flawless report composing format is extremely simple. If you understand how to create a report writing format? But you have no idea. As a result, this is a major issue for you. But don’t panic; in this post, you’ll learn about a variety of current themes.

What is the definition of report writing?

The report writing format is a well-organized, vivid/clear, generally succinct document written for a specific goal and audience.

What are the characteristics of a good report?

  • Clarity on what should be included within the report writing format.
  • The report must be succinct, that is, simple and to the point.
  • The Report writing Topics purpose should be to convey specific/specific information; this could be regarding anything, including an occurrence, an injury, or a vacation.

Do you have to submit a report somewhere?

One may be required to prepare a report for such school publication, journal, even newspaper, among other things.

The most Essential report writing guidelines

Whenever writing an appropriate Report writing Topics style for 12th class throughout English, there have been some vital tips to bear in mind.

  • The sentence must be stated in the past tense.
  • You should avoid using pronouns in the first person.
  • Third Man PRONOUNS should be used solely.
  • Passive Voice must be used to write the information.
  • INDIRECT SPEECH is the way to go.
  • That would be no longer than 200 characters or as specified in the question.
  • You should settle on the story (in your head) before beginning to write the report such that you don’t get caught in the middle of it during the exam.

Format of Report Writing

A well-organized Report writing Topics is usually required in any industry, whether it is a corporate report or even a school newspaper report. To produce an easy-to-read report, every document should be properly arranged. However the layout of such a report might vary depending just on the business’s aim or purpose, there are several parts that you could use in a standard format, including certain Main Sections.

Title- The layout of the headline section of one’s report would be decided by the statement’s length. Small reports must only contain the author’s names, the date these were prepared, and any other pertinent information.

Summary – A synopsis is an essential element of any lengthy paper. It ought to be capable to serve as a summary of the report’s contents for readers. Since some people choose to browse the summary instead of reading the entire report, it should include the key points, conclusions, and recommendations.

Introduction – The issue at concern, and the purpose of producing the report, must be addressed inside the report’s beginning. You may insert definitions here even if you neglected to add them within the title sections.

Body – The content of one’s report can typically be the most lengthy and contains the most chapters. It could also be broken down into sections containing subtitles that support as well as elaborate on the major themes of the report. Depending on the type of report you’re focusing on, certain subparts might also differ.

Conclusion – Last but just not least, this chapter brings everything together. Besides the overview, most people read this section to study the data and conclusions found inside the report. For these reasons primarily, it is vital to draught a conclusion that is devoid of ambiguity.

Recommendations — In this part of the report, whatever additional ideas or tasks that require to be completed are discussed. Any limitations or difficulties not addressed in one’s report must also be highlighted for future review.

Report writing Topics


On 26th March 2020, Mr. Aayush, the director of TUM HO, the NGO, came to Doon International School to deliver a speech regarding “CLIMATE Shift as well as ITS IMPACTS.” One must prepare a REPORT about “THE Disposal OF PLASTIC Wastes Into HIMALAYAN FOOTHILLS,” which he particularly mentioned.

A conference on global warming also its repercussions

Place: Doon International School, Patna  Reported By: Ravi.

Date: 26th March 2020

Upon that 26th of March, 2020, our schools hosted a “Global Heating” session in which our kids heard with Mr. Aayush, the director for TUM HO (an NGO), regarding Climate Changes and their effects. The purpose of the one-day program was to teach kids about Global Heating as well as Climate Change. Approximately 150 students gathered to hear Mr. Aayush speak.

Five renowned visitors, all of whom were environmentalists as well as scientists, visited the occasion. It was created to educate kids regarding our wrongdoings, which are causing Mother’s Environment to endure.

Mr. Aayush, which serves for an NGO inside the Himalayan Highlands, discusses the “Discharge of plastic debris inside the Himalayan Foothills.”He emphasized the behavior of tourists who littered the area with plastic waste, which is hurting soil richness and the mother environment in general. He urged us to preserve nature as if it were a prized treasure.

Anyone present, whether teachers, children, or school personnel, agreed with what he has said even by the finish of his lecture, and everybody took a promise to protect nature – like a really valuable possession for humanity.


On 21st September 2020, at about noon, a fire took out within a COVID – 19 devoted hospital near Delhi, killing two health care staff members, whose families got ex gratia payments of Rs. 2.5 lakh respectively via the Maharashtra govt. It is your responsibility to produce a report upon that.


Place: Delhi.

Reported by:- Rohit.

Date: 21st September 2020

On September 21, 2020, this same country was jolted awake by heartbreaking headlines when citizens peruse an article about a fire that burst out at approximately 1 a.m. inside a COVID-19 devoted hospital throughout Mumbai, killing 2 health facility staff members. Short-circuit was indeed the cause of the flames. At the period, there were about 25 patients within this hospital, but they all survived.

The blunder allowed the opponents to accuse the administration of mismanagement, even though the govt had initiated an investigation, the results of which are still pending. Furthermore addition, the Maharashtra Chief Minister ordered a two-lakh ex gratia again for families of the two medical employees who died in the incident.

The public’s response to the occurrence was to confront the authorities with questions as well as receive answers in exchange. Thousands of individuals signed and emailed complaints to the govt via the internet.

The public uproar was massive, and individuals are eagerly awaiting the conclusions of the investigation. It was clear that the people were not in the condition to be treated inside a shattered health system by an irresponsible government.

The authorities have awoken from their profound slumber as a result of that occurrence and the widespread public outrage. They are presently doing or attempting to do all necessary to guarantee that such an incident does not occur again.


Write any newspaper story upon a bus incident using the following recommendations as inspiration.

February 3rd, Shimla Third occurrence, tiny truck disaster, a cargo van slid down the canyon, Chamba region, Koti town, 10 dead, locals, 25 injured.


Ten People Killed throughout Himachal Incident.

(February 3rd by TANS)

February 3rd, Shimla

Another private bus drove off the roadway and towards a gorge across Himachal Pradesh’s Chamba region Monday morning, killing five people while injuring 25 others, according to authorities. This might be the third serious traffic disaster in little than a month within the Chamba district. This tragedy occurred near Koti Village, around 22 kilometers from Chamba, its destination.

TANS spoke with Superintendent of Security Madhusudhan upon that cellphone from the scene. He claimed the wounded were taken towards the zonal facility, which is some 450 kilometers outside Shimla, the legislative capital. The victims were mostly males from neighboring communities.

Earlier month, 32 people died once their mini-truck drove down a 500-meter-deep chasm at Sherpur hamlet, around 50 kilometers from Chamba.

Another pick-up van transporting personnel of a private business working on a hydroelectric project plunged together into a gorge outside Bharmour, 65 kilometers from Chamba, around a similar day, murdering nine persons on the scene.

Frequently asked questions-

Q1. What Is the REPORT Structure?

Ans. The report writing format should be formatted as follows: Heading, Reported Upon, Place, Date, as well as Body.

Q2. What are all the different types of reports?

Ans. Report writing format could be divided into eight categories:

  • Long or Short Reports
  • Functional Reports.
  • Periodic Reports
  • Vertical or Lateral Reports
  • Informational or Analytical Reports
  • Proposal Report
  • Informal or formal Reports
  • Internal or External Reports

Q3. Does report writing have a box?

Ans. Throughout report writing, there is no such thing as a box. For 12th class pupils, a considerable percentage of the time, suitable report writing structure is required. Whenever your paper formatting is appropriate, the reader would assign you outstanding English writing abilities.

Final Word

Including how to prepare a report writing format throughout English, best instances, plus CBSE/ICSE 12th class vital points. Nothing could prevent you from getting good grades if you know how to write a report in the proper style.

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