A step by step guide to Message writing format 2022

A generic type of message composition with the help of message writing format is provided in the English syllabus for pupils. Students must understand how to style simple input into a good style.

Whenever communicating messages, it is indeed crucial to stick to essential features because it’s an essential component of communicating, however, if you do not really, you worry about losing your reader’s attention (and your grades).


When writing a correct message writing format, keep the following five factors in mind:

  • Heading: The word “MESSAGE” will indeed be bold and capitalized mostly in the middle of the page.
  • Time and date: Enter the date as well as time there at bottom of the left half of the paper on the day you are composing the text.
  • Salutations: It is critical to greet the reader before composing the text’s main content (body) to avoid making any errors as well as to seem nice.
  • Body: This is the most essential part of the message; include all of the information you’ll need to alert the individual you’re unavailable to approach. Provide all pertinent details such that the attendant is drawn to it.
  • Address: After you’ve finished writing the body of the message, put your identity or the information in query along the left edge of the page so that the recipient knows who it was from.


  • Always include your message inside a box.
  • The word count really shouldn’t exceed 50.
  • Use acceptable terminology that the viewer will understand.
  • Avoid grammatical inaccuracies and spelling errors.
  • Whenever writing the message, make sure to mention the appropriate date as well as time.

Out of a conversation, I’m composing a message.

You can use the regular message writing format and afterward give a summation of your chat and therefore a notification to the recipient.

Example No. 1

Let’s pretend you’re John. Your mother had just received a physical examination. The doctor’s administrative secretary called to inform you of the findings of her investigations. Because you have to depart, you drop a message for her. In no longer than 50 words, compose a statement about the topic.

Is this Gellar’s place of residence?

Yes, you. Is it possible for me to find out who is trying to call?

Assistant: Rhonda from Regional Diagnostic Center is ringing. Mrs. Gellar, I’d want to speak with you.

You: She’s not at the residence at the moment. Assistant: Kindly recommend that I would have gone over all of her test results with her. There are no severe issues at this time, however, we may need to do additional tests if necessary.

I advised her to continue taking her meds for another week. There at State Hospital, I made her consultation with the cardiologist at 4 p.m. She should indeed appear on time with almost all of her reports.

You: Doctor, thank you so a lot. I’ll deliver the message.



Time: 11:00 a.m. on January 21, 2021

Greetings, Mom

This morning, we received a phone call from Rhonda from the Central Diagnostic Center. She stated that your testing findings are normal and thus there are no severe issues at this time.

However, we may need to do additional testing in the future. She’s arranged a cardiology session for 4 p.m. at the State Clinic, and you should be there in the time with several of your paperwork.


Example No. 2

Phoebe is your given name. Your sibling is nowhere to be found in the house. You received a phone call from his buddy Joey informing you that the music session had been canceled. Since you have to drop, you’ll end up leaving a statement for him. Write a text about the situation in no well over 50 characters.

Joey: Hello! Is this the home of Buffay?

Phoebe. Yes, Can I know your name?

Joey: my name is Joey and I am a friend of franks. Can I speak with frank?

Phoebe: He went down for a while and left his phone here. Can I leave a message for him?

Joey: Of course. I called to inform him about today’s lesson had been canceled due to delays in our teacher’s return home. The event has been rescheduled until Sunday. Please let him know as well.

Phoebe: Oh, my goodness! Sure. I’m going to do it. Thank you very much.

Joey: Thank you very much. Bye.



22nd January 2021 Time 1:00 am

Dear Frank,

Your musical class buddy Joey contacted me to advise me about today’s dancing class has been canceled due to a postponement inside the teacher’s return home. This has been postponed till Sunday.


Explanation 3:

Your name is Simran. Your sibling is absent from the house. You got a phone from his buddy about the dance lesson being canceled. You’ll leave a note for him because you need to depart. With no moreover 50 words, compose a message regarding the same.

Raj: Hey! Is this Kamla Vihar, 25-A/12?

Simran:  Yes, Can I know your name?

Raj: My name is Raj, and I’m Samar’s friend. Can I talk to him?

Simran: He as well as his mother went to the market, but he left his phone at home. Can I leave a message to him?

Sure, Raj. I called to inform him about today’s class has been canceled due to our professor’s need to attend to a familial emergency. This class that was canceled would be rescheduled for Sunday. Please let him know as well.

Simran: Oh, my goodness! Sure. I’m going to do it. Thank you very much.

Raj: Thank you very much. Bye.



21st January 2020


Dear Samar

Your dancing class buddy Raj phoned to tell me that today’s dancing class has been canceled due to a familial emergency again for the instructor. It has been rescheduled for Sunday.


Tricks and tips

To assist you in ace similar inquiries, here are some message writing format techniques and tricks:

  • Make certain the wording you use to respond to message composing inquiries is understandable as well as to the purpose. Avoid utilizing long sentences and tough words that make the material harder to understand.
  • Keep towards the 50-word restriction that has been set.
  • Keep the information simple and prevent adding extraneous details.
  • Before you begin writing, make a strategy for the entire topic. Cover every facet of the subject and attempt to follow the same series of events as the question suggests.
  • In your response, avoid using long words.
  • It’s crucial to double-check everything. To improve the quality of your writing, study it once after you’ve finished it and look for typos and grammatical problems.
  • Throughout the text, avoid utilizing indirect and reported speech.

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Frequently asked questions

Q1. What is the best way to compose a message?

Ans. Create a message writing format that includes five key elements that will entice a reader: header, date and venue, salutations, content, as well as of addresser.

Q2. Is it possible to write a message inside a box?

Ans. Absolutely, as a casual or official note, a good message style must be written inside a box containing a total of 50 characters.

Q3. What is the format for a Class 6 text?

Ans. Consider these crucial aspects if you desire to compose a nice text for class 6:

  • Write only the most important points.
  • Always type inside a box while sending a message.
  • Inside the message, don’t provide any fresh information.
  • Create a suitable date and time format.

Final Word:

Whenever you didn’t access somebody firsthand, a message writing format is indeed a short bit of material you compose for them. Such messages can indeed be published or conveyed orally, and they could be provided through a variety of channels such as phone calls, text messages, and emails. However, this does not imply that the message authoring style for each route will be the same.


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