How to get Marriage Certificate in India – 2021

A marriage certificate as the name suggests is the certification of the marriage of two people. It is a very crucial marriage related document in a country like India. It acts as proof that two people are married legally.

This is very essential for couples in India as it facilitates them to make use of various schemes and facilities provided by the government.

Therefore, it can be understood as the government authorized document that two people are officially married fulfilling the legal terms. Generally, it is issued by the court once the marriage is registered in the jurisdiction.

Thus, we can understand it is a document that clearly states that two people are legally married and should be treated as husband and wife from the eyes of the court.


A marriage certificate as we all know is a very important document for married people, it contains a lot of importance. It helps the married people or the couple to prove that they are legally married and are officially declared as husband and wife in the eyes of the court.

Benefits of having a Marriage Certificate:

  1. It is mainly beneficial when you apply for a visa, passport, etc. and if your spouse is outside the country you can easily gain such documents and permissions.
  2. This is very helpful when putting a nominee at various places such as life insurances, health insurance, pension schemes, and other benefits.
  3. It is also required when there’s a case of child custody, divorce, etc.

There are basically two types of marriage acts practised in India according to which the certification is done these are the special marriage act as well as the Hindu marriage act.

How to apply for it?

To apply for the simple application can be given at the office of the subdivision officer or the magistrate. You will have to fill the complete form with the signatures of both husband and wife.

Further, the registration process begins and all documents are verified and a fixed date is provided to the applicants. The day and date both are given to the applicants on which they need to be present.

On the date given the gazetted officer should be present who was during the time of marriage. He is told to be present and answerable in front of the ADM. Once the ADM takes a view of all the parties, he proceeds with the verification process, and then finally the marriage certificate is issued.

There are many websites which provide online. These websites provide service in such a way that you just have to upload few documents and the total verification and everything is done by these service providers, everything happens over the internet and you can download your certificate a single click at your desktop or laptop.

A few of the documents which are needed to be submitted involves age proofs of husband and wife both, residential proof, marriage proof, and witnesses.

Frequently Answered Questions:

Q1. How to get a marriage certificate?

Ans. To get a marriage certificate and letter you should submit the documents such as address proof, age proof of husband and wife as well as the consent letter duly signed. You can fill the online form for registering your case of marriage on the portal which will lead you to book an appointment at the registrar office. Then the same process will be practiced as mentioned above.

Q2. What are the documents needed to avail of a marriage certificate?

Ans. The documents may vary differently in different registrar offices but there are some common documents that are needed in every jurisdiction, these are Id Proof, Voter Id, Driver’s License, Aadhar card, passport, etc. Other than this marriage invitation and passport size photo is a must.

Q3. How can I replace a lost marriage certificate?

Ans. You can easily replace a lost marriage certificate by directly rushing towards the CDC website. You will have to select the option stating the request duplicate marriage certificate. Hence you’ll be able to replace the marriage certificate.

Q4. Is a marriage certificate compulsory to get married?

Ans. The answer is no, it is not compulsory to have a marriage certificate for getting married or to prove that you are married. But yes at some places it is considered under the important documents and helps to provide proof that two people are married.

Q5. What are the fees and expenses involved in making a certificate of marriage?

Ans.  Obtaining a marriage certificate is an important process that involves various steps such as Verification, documentation, and application therefore the fees are charged as a combination of all these activities. The application fee is charged separately as 150Rs perform and it is submitted to the district cashier. A receipt is generated which you have to attach with other documents.

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