How to get Community Certificate in India 2021

A community certificate is a certificate that proves the community of a person and states the community to which the individual belongs. It is also known as a caste certificate and it is very helpful when it comes to applying or availing of any government-provided services and facilities.

Therefore it is proof of the belongingness of any person towards a particular caste. Especially in the cases of scheduled caste and scheduled tribes that play an important role.

The government felt the need to encourage these backward communities and hence introduced various subsidiaries and facilities related to community certificate. The Indian government has taken the initiative to do a caste certificate online.

Procedure to get a Community certificate

A casts certificate also known as a certificate of community is the full proof of any individual and his belonging caste. It is generally used for the backward classes such as scheduled cast and scheduled Tribes.

A caste certificate is a very important document in India and there are some states where you can not apply for this online over the internet. Therefore you have to manually fill the form and undergo the verification process.

Few states and bodies of the government are not in favor of issuing an online community certificate for various reasons. It is also known as the Jati Praman Patra in Hindi.

One more misconception which must be cleared in this matter is that caste certificate and caste validity are two different things and one should not get confused in it. It will certify your cast and community whereas the certification of validity validates your certificate community.

To apply for a certificate you should check the state’s backward community welfare portal and its website there you can find all the information regarding the application and issuing of a community certificate.

Follow the given steps to apply for a caste certificate as a community:

  1. Firstly visit the state’s welfare department online, keep in mind that different states may have different names for the department of backward classes welfare.
  2. Select the type of certificate you want and click on the link for applying for a community certificate online.
  3. I’ll suggest that you create your profile on the website and a fresh account on the portal before form filling, or you can also directly fill the application.
  4. Once the account is created signed by the username and password for that portal.
  1. An online form appears on your screen where you have to fill in all the important details such as name, age, gender, personal details, and references for reference checks.
  2. As soon as you submit the application you are asked to upload a document for proof and you’ll have to upload a scanned document online.
  3. Click the submit button once you have uploaded the scanned copies of the documents.
  4. Further, you will receive a message and acknowledgment receipt in which your application number will be provided for future use.
  5. You should save the recipient offline and also take the printout of the same.
  6. Once the verification process is completed the caste certificate is uploaded on the portal in your profile and you can directly download it in pdf format.
  7. You will receive a final email and SMS once the application and process are completed.

So, have you got it by following the above procedure and steps properly one can easily apply for the application and gain as online as well as through offline mode also.

Common Questions on Community Certificate:

How to get a caste certificate?

Ans. The caste certificate can be gained by submitting the application online and filling the form. You need to upload documents and undergo a verification process.

What is the difference between caste certificates and community certificates?

Ans. There is actually no difference between both and these two are used interchangeably. It’s just in some states it is called a caste certificate and at some places, it is also known as a community certificate.

Can I download a community as a caste certificate at home?

Ans. Yes, once the verification process is done the Government makes it available to you in your profile. You can download it with a single click in pdf format.

Is there any prescribed format for application?

Ans. Yes, there is a prescribed format that can be obtained from the state government. State governments are now allowing online applications for community certificates.

Who to contact in case of difficulty and issue?

Ans. In case of any difficulty and issues, the applicant can contact customer care on the portal and get in contact via email also. For further assistance, the customer can also visit the nearby Welfare department of the state.

So, now I think you understood the application posting regarding the caste certificate, claiming the certificate, the verification process, and the process of downloading the certificate.

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