AWPL Registration – signup, login, and benefits

Want to know about AWPL registration? You will get the complete details of AWPL in this article. AWPL related subtleties are given in this article. Asclepius Wellness is a company that makes Ayurvedic health items and markets them through direct promoting methods. They encourage helping people in gaining economic autonomy on their terms.

As you know, the entire supervisory group in AWPL is amazingly fruitful and has broad aptitude in the immediate selling area, so you can rest confident that your wellbeing and money are in exceptionally safe hands and that AWPL will be a big stake organization for you.

Here is the incredible information for every one of the applicants who are hanging tight for the enlistment for the AWPL. As all of you realize that AWPL is an organization occupied with elite Ayurvedic health items and promoting of such items by direct advertising techniques.

As you probably are aware the whole administration experts in AWPL are exceptionally effective and having gigantic involvement with the immediate selling industry so you can have confidence that your wellbeing and abundance is in extremely safe hands and AWPL will be a mutually advantageous business for you.

AWPL Products are manufactured using scientific formulations, green components, and new manufacturing processes. AWPL gives awareness and instruction through you to help customers make healthy informed choices.

History of AWPL

Asclepius word is taken from Greek dictionary that implies God of Medicines. AWPL is the immediate producer of ayurvedic health, strengthening, and beauty items.

The manufacturing unit of AWPL is situated in Jaipur, Rajasthan. AWPL is an organization, which has the privileges to run the MLM (staggered advertising) marketable strategy can associate with a wide scope of crowds allowing them to purchase and sell items.

The company markets and sells all its fabricated items using Directs Sellers. Direct merchants are individuals who help to sell these items straightforwardly to the end consumers. AWPL is possessed with direct selling business which implies that is its items straightforwardly sold and conveyed to its shoppers in a non-retail setting.

Here sales happen either at home or at non-put away areas, henceforth removing the association of any brokers like wholesalers, distributing communities for conveying the items. Here items go straightforwardly from the producer to sellers, the wholesalers, and the buyers.

The item that is sold through direct deals are not accessible in particular retail stores, that implies items must be purchased from the merchants. AWLP was once a dream that became reality in 2014 and presently by the concentration and motivational work of its proprietor, chief, and that load of direct dealers it is considered as one of the best organizations in the business.

Advantages of AWPL Login Registration

AWPL is a site that gives you relatively extraordinary tools with many Features:

  1. AWPL or Asclepius Wellness began in October 2014. It is known as the Direct Selling Company and it has been permitted to carry out MLM Business Plan.
  2. It is enlisted by Delhi under the Ministry of Corporate Affair.

AWPL Registration

If you want AWPL New Registration, then you will have to Sign up to your AWPL account. So, the steps to Sign up are:

  1. Firstly, Open the official website of AWPL.
  2. Click on the ‘Sign Up’ button present at the top.
  3. A registration form will be displayed on the screen. Enter the correct information like email, username, password, etc.
  4. Lastly, click on the ‘Sign Up’ button.

How to do to AWPL Login ID?

If you have already made an account on AWPL then you just need to log in to your account instead of making a new account. So, here are steps through which you can log in to your account.

  1. Firstly, Open the official website of AWPL.
  2. Then, the homepage will open before you. On the top menu there is a Login option, Click on it.
  3. Now a login page will get displayed on the screen. Enter your username and password.
  4. Furthermore, you need to tap on the ‘Login’ button.
  5. At last, Enter your AWPL Login Id and Password and submit it by clicking on Submit Button. The login page shows up on the account dashboard.

Online application form AWPL registration

  1. Firstly, go to the official website of Asclepius Wellness.
  2. On the home page, you will get an optional registration form, then click on “ New Registration”.
  3. Fill in all the necessary information correctly being asked there like nationality, date of birth, category, identity card, email address, etc.
  4. Enter the captcha. Select “Preview and Next.”
  5. Recheck the data that you have entered, then press “Next”.
  6. Create a password, then create a security question.
  7. The details will be needed in the future so remember the security question details.
  8. You will get an OTP on your mobile number.
  9. Enter the OTP and click on the submit button.
  10. A provisional application number will be displayed on the screen that is for future use so, remember the number.

AWPL Product List 2021

In the present time, everybody gives a ton of consideration to Network Marketing Companies Health, Supplements, and Wellness. They do this because there is a lot of benefits to it.

AWPL Company additionally makes prescriptions in this area so that they can give you the most extreme pay. This organization fabricates ‘Ayurvedic Products’ which are mentioned below. The product rate of AWPL is relatively less expensive than different companies and beneficial. It is your entitlement to join or not Asclepius Wellness Pvt Ltd Company.

The following is the Asclepius Wellness Products List, which is especially seen and worked together. If you are unknown about the AWPL products then you get complete detail about the products further.


  • Exe hair shine: 283 100ml.
  • Exe hair cleanser: 242 100ml
  • Hair doc: 242 100ml.



Dent doc dental cream: 252 100 ml


  • Exe herbal face wash: 248 100ml
  • Exe aloe vera cucumber cream: 239 50 gm
  • Exe aloe vera saffron point: 259 50 gm
  • Exe herbal face pack cream: 251 50gm
  • Exe heals doc cream: 268 50gm
  • Exe herbal face scrub cream: 251 50gm



  1. Immunity Drop: 223 50ml
  2. Fenneldoc Drop: 231 50m
  3. Giloy Capsule: 234. 30cap
  4. Digidoc powder: 239 100gm
  5. Giloy Juice: 434 500ml
  6. Steviadoc Drop: 407 50ml
  7. Berrydoc Capsule: 1121 30cap
  8. Fitdoc Powder: 486 100gm
  9. Moridoc Capsule: 1137 60cap
  10. Omegadoc Capsule: 1140 30cap
  11. Curcidoc Drop: 574 50ml
  12. Noni Juice: 1177 500ml
  13. Curidoc Capsule: 1125 30cap
  14. Seabuckdoc Juice: 1278 500ml
  15. G-Coffeedoc: 633 100gm
  16. Vitadoc Capsule: 1521 30cap
  17. Berrydoc Juice: 1992 1000ml
  18. Slimdoc Powder: 1660 500gm
  19. Cow-c-doc capsule: 1141 30cap
  20. Heightdoc Powder: 3203 500gm
  21. Spiradoc Capsule: 1146. 60cap
  22. Muscledoc: 5238 1kg
  23. Massdoc Powder: 4034 1kg
  24. MASSDOC Powder: 4032 1kg
  25. MUSCLEDOC: 5238 1kg



  • Free Anion sanitary pad: 138 10pc
  • Ayush Kwath: 289 100Gm
  • Genodoc Wash: 238 100ml
  • Exe panch tulsi oil: 414 25ml
  • Veindoc Oil: 263 25ml
  • Joint curator oil: 394 50ml
  • Exe JC oint: 427 50gm
  • H Doc Hand Sanitizer: 250 500ml
  • Coughdoc Ras: 495 200ml
  • Prodoc: 641 200gm
  • Triphala Ras: 461 500ml
  • Kidgoc: 816 250gm
  • Exe B-Ton Oint: 714 100gm
  • Exe Herbal Mehandi: 474 200gm
  • Aloe vera Juice: 1001 1000ml
  • Herbal Green Tea: 444 100gm
  • Alrgydoc Ras: 1282 500ml
  • ADIDOC Drop: 450 25ml
  • Daibodoc Ras: 1492 1000ml
  • Exe Wheat Grass Powder: 624 100gm
  • Fevodoc Pravahi Kwath: 2195 1000ml
  • Prassdoc: 1142 500gm
  • Cardiodoc: 2314 1000ml
  • Viraldoc: 706 500ml
  • Thunder Blast: 2292 500ml
  • Livodoc: 1528 500ml
  • Braindoc Ras: 1361 500ml
  • Pilodoc Ras: 2476 1000ml
  • Gynedoc: 1474 500ml
  • Thydoc Pravahi Kwath: 2509 1000ml
  • Cardiodoc: 2314 1000ml
  • Immunodoc: 2116 1000ml
  • Chlorodoc Ras: 2509 1000ml
  • Orthodoc Pravahi Kwath: 2299 1000ml
  • Obeodoc: 2627 1000ml
  • Stondoc: 2582 1000ml

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