How to do KBC registration – step by step process

Kaun Banega Crorepati (KBC) is India’s most excellent profitable and famous quiz program. Everything influenced by the English game show “Who Wanted to Be a Millionaire.” Just below a franchise agreement, Anyone Want to Become a Millionaire launch far more significantly than 30 countries. And indeed, the deal is really with Celador Entertainment, a London-based company that developed that initial edition of Britain.

During the season 2000, the popular quiz show Kaun Banega Crorepati (KBC) premiered. Shri Amitabh Bachchan, India’s most prominent celebrity, seems to be the presenter of both the KBC because he’s one of the essential components in the show’s popularity. Here we will be reading about KBC registration.

Sas Bahu daily operas were popular during the year 2000. So, this original panel show venture, created under Sameer Nair with his colleagues between 2000 through 2007 on Star Plus, proved highly appealing. The show ultimately became the most significant success.

Kaun Banega Crorepati 13 was officially launched by Amitabh Bachchan, and KBC registration for both the quiz shows will begin tomorrow. Texts and emails, and indeed the Sony LIV application, would be used to register beginning May 10.

In a 20-second animation encouraging customers to subscribe, Big B comments regarding just how attempting might bridge the gap separating aspiration and actuality. The KBC anchor reportedly mentions that if he and her scorching chair are expecting guests, they might prepare again for the event right away. They keep on emphasizing the people about the KBC registration.

The complete auditioning procedure will be conducted electronically, like the summer before. KBC registration, assessment, internet auditioning, and individual interviews are the four stages of the talent show procedure. The next session will take place from May 10 to 20. Applicants who successfully respond to questions would be evaluated via a computational system and contacted via phone again for the following stage within the next seven weeks.

Qualified competitors must present an educational video and pass a real proficiency test to advance towards the following level. The Sony LIV application would use only for the internet assessment. Qualified participants would be requested to engage in some customized video conference, following that only a selected few would choose to compete in the ‘quickest fingers first’ phase after the chance to cross the platform alongside Amitabh Bachchan.

KBC Registration Process

Register via SMS service

You can create an account by sending an SMS response with their subject matter or responding to that whole question on the application. This same following is the background check detailed information for registering thru all the SMS:

  • Airtel, Idea, BSNL, Vodafone, and Jio customers could submit SMSs to 509093.
  • The accompanying structure use for all SMS registrations:


  • For instance, if someone believes the second Scenario is the appropriate explanation broadcast. You are a 22-year-old boy who must submit the following: KBC B 22 M.

Register via  Sony Liv Application 

  • Download this same Sony Liv application through this shopping center or maybe even the Google Play store. Please bear in mind that the application was downloaded for unlimited access.
  • Please enter your email address plus phone numbers over the following stage for KBC registration. The mobile phone telephone you establish with such an Indian service provider would require the registrations office personnel to contact you.
  • Following this, users must choose their age from the alternatives presented. The program is only open to someone who has hit the age of eighteen.
  • After the last one, students should indeed get to choose between genders of Man, Woman, and All the other.
  • Afterward, students will have to choose between Postgraduate and Non-Graduate schooling.
  • From the upcoming phase, one must choose a profession from the selections Professionals, Business/Trader, Services, Academic, Farming, and Others.
  • After the last one, individuals need to choose a part of the world, including Mumbai or Delhi, within where they are located.
  • Students must choose the response alternative (A/B/C/D) for the common expertise tournament problem to complete their registration process. After you’ve completed your response, you’ll get a verification box that confirms your membership.

How KBC can be helpfull for viewer and participants

Excellent Data Source

This presentation might benefit you in several different ways. This program strongly encouraged young children to attend. Because this presentation centers on quizzes, there might be numerous questions that you may or may not be familiar with. Comprehending information could occur in a wide variety of methods, not just through responses to questioning.

Learn much more about history

You’ll notice that several separate inquiries pose depending on the past and history. Several prior accounts concerning something you might be unaware of, however viewing this program can help you learn something about them. That will also assist them towards getting more knowledge through the use of questionnaires containing four alternatives.

The distinction between assurance and overconfidence

A person must understand there is a difference between assurance and overconfidence. Overconfidence could indeed take you down. Optimism could undoubtedly help you develop yourself, but it could also bring the reader backward. This presentation would also explain and demonstrate the difference between assurance and complacency.

To learn much more about performers

This program is broadcast 5-6 days per week. Day after day, a separate participant participates in a competition. Users might learn much more about a person by attending a program. Several of them would be true heroes who you are unaware of, but most of these can encourage people through personal failures, tales, or other experiences.

Communications with images

When you represent yourself nationwide, your facial expression plays an essential part in describing your traits and characteristics. Students would discover and then see how candidates exhibit themselves in front of everybody here on a program broadcast throughout the globe.

Ability to communicate

Language Speaking Ability, especially physical communications, plays an essential and crucial role in presenting oneself. You would learn to speak before a group of individuals, especially whether you saw it on camera. You would focus on how to improve your communicative competence as quickly as practicable because this will assist you in molding their life in numerous methods you can’t possibly conceive.

Organizing any performances or events

As a student, individuals may be allowed to organize a show/event within your institution, university, neighbourhood, or at other festivals. As a presenter, it is one’s obligation to keep their audiences involved in their activities. You must’ve been able to impress and engage with their audiences. If someone could acquire more knowledge from Amitabh Bachchan Sir in just this performance, one could become the greatest.

Importance of Time

Many people don’t understand how to manage their schedules effectively. The best approach can be education, considering the timeframe limitations. These presentations would also assist students in understanding the value of leisure. Numerous inquiries are present in a specific time frame range, and respondents studied should respond within this given timeframe.

As a result, everyone could see where Duration could also have a significant impact on daily life.

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