Esewa Punjab – Explained in details in 2021-22

Many individuals are unsure of even the best services provided by the state governments. So, the Punjab state legislature just launched an official site for the public’s benefit. Esewa Punjab has the name of this website. Seva Kent Kendra, which provides the official portal that provides hassle-free services across all Punjab residents.

Citizens may get the most of having an outlet by taking advantage of the different services accessible through Seva Kendra. When it comes to benefits, residents who want to use any governmental function through Seva Kendras could schedule an appointment online before going towards the Seva Kendra.

Esewa Punjab Overview

Before proceeding throughout the entire Esewa Punjab tracking status procedure, it’s necessary to grasp what a website is all about. We all understand that the administration provides a wide range of facilities, yet few individuals are aware of them or use them.

The Esewa Punjab platform is created to ensure that almost all government services, amenities, and perks are available. There was also a companion application with a similar name, which makes accessibility even more accessible. Before attending the Seva Kendra, you can book an Esewa Punjab Consultation through this platform.

Throughout Punjab, there are approximately 515 Seva Kendras, most of which serve about 45,000 people. Perhaps a Seva Kendra would be established to offer facilities to the Punjabi community as quickly as possible.

E Sewa Punjab

Citizens do not need to directly contact any agency to track their Esewa Punjab progress or complete the verification system. Everything is accomplished via the internet. Instead, people can take advantage of a few of the finest services available, such as changing their Aadhar card, applying for a new Aadhar card, getting original documents or even a death document, and so on. People could also use such Seva Kendras to learn how or when they might benefit from government programs.

Major Aim of eSewa Punjab

Punjab’s Ministry of Governmental Reforms, as well as Consumer Grievances, has launched the Esewa Punjab Network. That is an incredible platform for consumers to gain exposure to a wide range of services.

Things are accomplished online with only a few taps, whether an eSewa Punjab funeral certificate or even a birth document. This kind of web page’s primary goal is to provide access to goods while eliminating potential eSewa Punjab funeral certificate complications. That gateway used to reserve an online appointment for attending any Seva Kendras.

eSewa Punjab App

As previously stated, citizens could utilize the eSewa Punjab application service in addition to the website. It is simple to install and is accessible under an identical name, mainly on Google Play Store. This kind of software provides all of the essential information regarding numerous services supplied electronically to citizens when out and about.

Citizens could look at a listing of required paperwork and attachments, as well as fees and taxes and facilitator fees, plus download a request form for just a variety of activities.

A person could use this program to monitor any service demands submitted via Sewa Kendras and online via the Government Portal. Utilizing such applications, they may even locate the closest Sewa Kendra within their District and Subdivision.

Government personnel could also use the application to check actual eSewa Punjab birth certificate information that citizens should have applied for.

Furthermore, the authority can log into their digital service delivery accounts and verify the status of their services in real-time. It’s even conceivable to use electronic services delivery to validate various documents, including certificates that are produced electronically.

Services offered by eSewa Punjab

The Punjab e-District Sewa, commonly known as e Sewa Punjab, seems to be a digital platform built mainly by the Punjab States Administration for the benefit of inhabitants.

Citizens benefit from the seamless supply of citizen activities via e-district management using a real platform. Such activities included in the Govt to Consumer (G2C) services provided mainly by the Punjab govt. The list of government depts whose services are covered primarily by Punjab e-district gateway seems to be as follows:

  • Health as well as family welfare department. (Issuing of a newborn certificate or a cremation certificate)
  • The welfare of Pensioners as well as Depts of Grievances (Grievance Redressal)
  • Social welfare depts (Issuing of a Certificates of Tribe (SC/OBC))
  • Health depts.
  • Home depts.
  • Personnel depts. (Issuing Certificate of the Residency)
  • Social Security depts.
  • Agriculture depts.
  • Rural Development as well as Panchayat depts. (Rural Area Documents)
  • Revenue depts.
  • Governance Reforms depts.
  • Food as well as Civil Supplies depts. (Fresh Ration Card Request, Independent Ration Card, Duplicated Ration Cards, Portion Card Members Guardians, Ration Card Identity Additions, Ration Card Name Alteration)

e-District Sewa Platform

Primarily Government-to-Consumer (G2C) communication occurs through e-Districts, which have been the unofficial front-end of administration.

To strengthen this knowledge and increase the efficiency gains of the different depts at the local stage, the e-District proposal enables local authorities to provide integrated and smooth shipment of citizen providers by automating workflow, computerizing the codebase, and digitizing data throughout participating depts.

Underneath the National e-Governance Strategy, e-district is among 44 nodal agency projects (NeGP).

  1. The portal has a variety of services that residents of the region could use. The following are among the most excellent features:
  2. This e-district platform enables several departments to submit internet service inquiries.
  3. Public issues, appeals, and grievances may process more quickly from such a site, and information disseminate according to public demand.
  4. The portal offers numerous benefits, including digital purchases, service requests, service approval, plus service execution.
  5. It offers citizens convenient and straightforward operations via remote connection, mainly through Universal Service Centres/Public Facilitator Centres.

The site provides up-to-date and reliable information about the activities and facilities offered either by Punjab govt.

Esewa Punjab track status

You could monitor the E Sewa Punjab status Track on the official webpage.

  1. A Segment Track Status is found on the main website (esewa punjab gov in).
  2. When you press it, a new page will then appear on your display.
  3. Insert your registration ID plus captcha password on this webpage,
  4. Then select the Post button.
  5. Upon your display, the condition will be visible.
  6. You must include your cell phone number plus booking id for refunds.
  7. Your slots reservation is canceled by entering this data, and this session will become accessible for someone else to book.
  8. Within this official webpage, you may also donate to the Covid charity fund.
  9. Conclusion

Thus, all of eSewa Kendra’s high-quality services are given online through using a Sewa platform. That is a comprehensive software developed either from Punjab District e-Governance Culture’s Technology Cell (PSeGS). Even though it’s currently in the growth stage, with new services introduced on a routine basis, it’s indeed unquestionably trustworthy.

This portal serves as an umbrella framework for all agencies to provide citizen-centric activities under a single roof by combining applications that provide Citizen Activities.

It created a centralized implementation for Sewa Kendras and integration with coin machines and back-end components such as Websuwidha, district, PSPCL Implementation, BSNL for cell phone proposal submission, Travel documents App, and stamp Gateway, and Labour Department implementation for worker enrolment.

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