Informal letter format in English – Tips in 2022

Letters are a type of written and verbal communication, which carries data or messages, sent by an individual to another individual to pass on the message. There are two kinds of letters formal letters, and informal letters. We have written many informal letter format below for you to learn how to write an Informal Letter. A non-official letter that we normally use to write to our companions, family, or family members is known as an informal letter.

Informal letters are not written for official purposes. There could be many reasons behind which we write these letters to our loved ones, friends, or family. Since the letter is written to keep in touch with close relations the letters have a casual and individual tone. Easygoing language is utilized while composing casual letters.

Since informal letters are specially written down for personal communication. So they don’t need to write in a particular format. The letter can be written down according to the requirement and information of the writer. So the letter is jotted down individually in informal unassuming wording.

Purpose of Informal Letter

An informal letter is written for several purposes. Let’s discuss the reasons:

  • Congratulating a companion for his/her victory or achievement
  • Writing the letter to ask someone about their health.
  • Invitation letter for any celebration.
  • Calling a companion for an outing or occasion
  • Apology letter to somebody
  • Invitation for a marriage
  • Asking help from someone
  • To inform about somebody’s death in family or companions

Informal letter format

Sender’s Address
Date: ……………

Dear ( person’s name)

Body of the letter:

Opening paragraph: Ask for the health of the person the letter is being written to.

Paragraph 2: Write in detail the main reason for writing the letter.

Closing Paragraph: About meeting soon or message for any loved one and end the letter.

Yours lovingly,

Name of the sender.

Informal letter format and Tips

  1. Ensure you twofold check the spelling mistakes and syntactic mistakes.
  2. Leave a line between every paragraph so that it’s straightforward.
  3. Make the letter neat so that it looks decent and easy to read.
  4. Read sample letters to get thoughts on what to include and how to make one all.

How to Write an Informal Letter?

Read below to know the informal letter format. The format is a proper pattern that will be obeyed while composing an informal letter. In contrast to formal letters, casual letters don’t have a specific format like that but an easy format is followed while writing an informal letter so your letter looks attractive to the receiver of the letter.

So, certain rules are essentially followed while letter writing. Let’s proceed and know about the format of an informal letter.

A. Sender’s Address

The main component of an informal letter is the sender’s address. It is written on the left side. The complete address of the sender must be spoken of to prevent any difficulty. Also, it’s important to write the Pin-code in the address. The nation’s name should be mentioned when the letter is being sent outside the country.

B. Date

We write the date just below the address in the letter. This makes the recipient know the address when it was written. He would then be able to relate better to the message in response to the letter.

C. Greeting for informal letter format

While writing an informal letter you know the individual you are writing the letter to, so the greeting can be casual also. In case it is a companion or somebody near your age you can introduce them by their first name, similar to “Dear Maira”.

When you are writing a letter to your relative like your mom/father/uncle/aunt and so forth, you might welcome them thusly, for instance, “Dear Mom”. Also, when you are writing a letter to a senior person, somebody you regard enormously you can address them as Mr or Mrs., For instance, you are writing a letter to your professor, you can write as “Dear Mrs. Maira”.

D. Opening Paragraph

The opening paragraph sets the expression for the letter. You may start by writing about some information about the recipients well being. The beginning of the letter must be simple and easing. It should not be as formal and immediate as informal letters.

E. Body of the informal letter format

The letter generally speaking ought to keep a cordial tone. However, you need to change the language and the words according to the person to whom you are writing the letter. With a companion, you can write the very easy-going language. However, when you are writing a letter to a senior family member, you should use respectful language.

F. Closing paragraph in informal letter format

In the closing paragraph wrap up the reason for writing the letter. Write friendly goodbye to the reader. And lastly do not forget to mention the reader to answer back to your letter. It expresses an expectation to keep the conversation going.

G. Signature in informal letter format

There is nothing one format to end the informal letters. Since there is no such format you might close it down however you see fit. Some normally utilized expressions are Lots of Love, Best wishes, Best, Kindly, Best Wishes,

Pick the one that best fits in the letter and afterward just signs your name below the greeting.

Now that the format of the informal letter is clear. Let’s look at the sample letters below:

Informal letter format: Inviting a friend for spending a holiday together

People often invite their friends to spend a holiday together. So to invite your friends you can refer to the below informal letter format.

Indra Vihar
Aerocity, Delhi-05
September 30, 2021

Dear Ayushi,

It’s been quite a while since we met. I hope you are keeping well? As you realize that the late spring get-away has as of now began, I was imagining enjoying the vacations together in Goa.

I am very excited to take you out on the city visit just to acquaint my loved ones with you. I couldn’t imagine anything better than to go out and have road food with you. We can partake in some time close to the beaches.

I’m simply energized at the thought of me and you enjoying the holiday together. I hope you will reply to me soon and let me know whether you can come to Goa.

With lots of love,
Yours affectionately,

Informal letter format- Congratulating cousin on the board exam results.

To congratulate your relatives or cousin on their special occasion like board exam or any other exam you can use the below informal letter format to congratulate them in a unique way.

Outer Ring Road -Rohini
September 30, 2021
Dear Aashi
It’s a celebration time that you have got the highest % in the district in your board examinations It’s been quite a while since we met. I wish I could compliment you face to face.

Your result has shown your sincere hard work, and the commitment you have given to your studies. I already knew that you will become the topper because you have always been concentrated on your studies.

I knew that you are somewhat anxious however at that point I was confident that you will score splendidly. The main thing I lament is that I was unable to be there with you at the party since I was having my tests then. Will meet you very soon. Love to younger ones.

With lots of love
Yours lovingly,

Informal letter format – Asking pardon to a friend

If you have done anything with your friend you can say sorry by sending an informal letter to your friend. Use the below format of Informal letters and make them feel happy.

Outer Ring Road -Rohini
September 30, 2021
Dear Himanshi

I hope you are keeping well. I realize you are angry with me for what happened at the party. I ask for an apology and I need you to pardon me. I don’t want our friendship to get broken.

I understand whatever has happened was wrong. The reason is I was not in a good mood that day. My tests were bad because of that I was upset. I shouldn’t have acted with you like that. I will not do that again. I’m truly heartbroken about what I said.
I hope you will forgive me. We should meet if conceivable! Madly waiting for your reply.

With love,
Yours truly,

Informal letter format – Letter to a friend for a speedy recovery

If your friends or relatives are not well and you don’t know what to say then just follow this informal letter format and send it to the particular person who is not well.

Indra Vihar
Aerocity, Delhi-05
September 30, 2021

Dear Madhavi,
I hope you are healthy. I got the news of your accident and I felt very sad for you.
Say thanks to God that he saved you from something intense. Everything will be alright. I talked to the doctor yesterday and he told me there isn’t anything to stress over until further observation.

Only a couple of more days in the hospital and you will be back home! I likewise sat down to chat with your mother and she was extremely sad about whatever has happened with you. In any case, presently she is glad that you are healing.
We are praying to God for your early healing. Wish to see you very soon in good health.

Lots of love,
Yours truly,

Informal letter format – Letter of appreciation

Indra Vihar
Aerocity, Delhi-05
September 30, 2021

Dear Madhavi,

I hope you are keeping well? I trust everything is great. I just read the fiction story which you wrote and published last week in Pune. You have written the story so beautifully that my dad is also appreciating your work and has requested me to tell you that you are doing amazing work.

I truly like the words that you have made use of and the expression. The most awesome aspect of your fiction is that your work is genuine and gotten from genuine experiences. It expresses your writing abilities and how much exertion you have given to your compositions.

You have done outright equity and I am pleased with how you have taken care of it.
It has been a long time since we have met each other because of our higher studies. I desire to meet you soon.

With best wishes
Yours lovingly,

Informal letter and Formal letter differences:

Informal letters are written in a friendly manner to keep in touch with companions. Whereas, Formal letters are written in proper language that is for government offices, companies, and so on.

Informal letters are used for friendly or emotional communication. Whereas, Formal letters are jotted down for office work or proficient communication.

Informal letters are like free-form swimming in that you can write in any way and expression you like. Whereas, we write formal words and use a professional tone while writing the formal letter to make a decent understanding of the recipient.

There is no such strict format in informal letters whereas, there is a particular format for writing formal letters.

Informal letters are penned in the first, second, and third person. Whereas, Formal letters are normally put down in the third person but first person is used for business letters.

While writing the informal letter we use active and imperative voice. Whereas, we use passive voice for writing a formal letter.

Informal letters are written to companions, family members, and so on. Whereas, Formal letters are written for business, for example, accomplices, providers, clients, customers, and so forth, school or foundation, manager, experts, and so on.

An informal letter you close down at the base with yours affectionately or with adoration. Whereas, You close down at the base left of the page with Yours sincerely or faithfully.

In an informal letter, we write small and easy sentences which are easy to understand. Whereas, we write a long and complex in a formal letter.

The informal letter can be lengthy or large according to the message you want to write. Whereas, The length of a formal letter must be concise; that does not contain meaningless matter.

Informal letters include idioms, actions words, expressions, even shoptalk, and so on. Whereas, in a formal letter, we use full forms instead of abbreviations.

So these were all about informal letter format. Hope you liked the informal letter samples and please don’t forget to share this post.


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