How to write best appraisal letter in 2021 & format

An appraisal letter is a review of individual execution and dedication towards their respective work in a particular period. The drawbacks and powers of an employee are calculated on the given task. In a company, the HR department is accountable for the work accomplishment of the employees of that organization.

The letter is provided once in a year or two according to the appraisal process of a particular organization. The letter notifies and motivates the employees to do work with more dedication.

Every organization has a motive behind giving appraisal letters to the employees. That motive is to keep every employee encouraged and enthusiastic towards the task assigned to them and it will help the employees to know and work on their flaws.

It will also help the organization in getting work done on time and with perfection and to form the best target for the company and accomplish them. Also, it will keep the organization running in the market. After writing the successful work of the employees, move on to the work which has not been done and objectives that have not been completed.

The employer must be honest and formal while telling about the flaws so that the employees can work on them. But, for a valid reason, the employer should be lenient towards employees.

For feedback, give positive examples of how the employees should change their way of working. If you talk in a loud voice to your employees then that will encourage the employees to work more confidently.

The process of appraisal is followed by a discussion on the task achievement of every employee. The expectation of managers from employees related to work is discussed. An appraisal is also given in the form of a bonus to employees.

How to Write Appraisal Letter the format as given below:

There are ways about how to write an Appraisal letter in which the appraisal letter is written, however, the contents in the letter are similar. The letter is jotted down to let the employees understand their position of task and shortcomings. The employer sometimes is not able to tell the employees about their performance, so through this letter, the employers give a response to the employee’s performance.

So, explained below are the matters on how the letter has to be written.

  1. The letter must be composed formally and must be jotted down professionally. It shouldn’t look like it was written casually without any effort.
  2. The content in the letter must be straightforward. The matters that are to be talked about should be written only and not any meaningless things.
  3. Employee’s recent post on the job, the salary must be written down in the letter.
  4. Any dividend paid and on what basis it is being given to employees should be spoken of in the letter.
  5. If an employee’s salary increases and the designation changes, then the date and the basis need also to be mentioned in the letter.
  6. The motivational words should be written to boost the morale of the employees. And the demotivating phrases should be ignored. Jot down some directions to improve and excel in the work.

Appraisal Letter Format has been given below:

To write an Appraisal letter, there is a format that has to be followed while writing. The content of the letter must be penned in a skilled manner and should look effective to the employee. Employee’s name, the label of the company, employee’s post, and an encouraging letter must be in an appraisal letter.

So, the proper format of the letter is:
Name of the employee
Organizations logo
Organizations name
Subject: Appraisal letter for the work accomplishment of the employee.
Dear as (Name of Employee)

We are presenting you this letter to praise you regarding your work accomplished. As our organization gives this letter once or twice a week according to the process.

As per your dedication towards work, we have decided to promote you to a higher post. You have excelled at our expectations and for the development of the organization. The description of your modified post, salary, remuneration are discussed in this letter and an email will be sent to you regarding this.

We are looking forward to your continued loyalty and dedication to work. Work as you are doing and also motivate your colleagues to do work with the same dedication.

Applause on your achievement again and delights to further excellent work for the company.
Hoping you have the best future.

Yours sincerely,
Name of the approved person,

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The employer is appraised on various bases:

The employer is given the appraisal letter based on the basis the HR department has calculated the performance.

  1. The manager will simply look over the all-around performance and the targets achieved and give the appraisal.
  2. The organization will assess the sales achievement depending on the sales mastery and the sales objective that has been achieved.
  3. The appraisal is also given based on what extent you can motivate that customer to buy the product and make sure that the customer buys the product.
  4. The regularity of the work is also seen and assessed over the year to give the appraisal. The organization also takes feedback from your colleagues on behavior and management abilities.
  5. Your behaviour with the customer and other colleagues are also noticed and the immediate action that you take in emergencies and any incident is also seen for appraisal.

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