Best Global warming speech in 2021

Global warming has become the main concern these days and quick action is required before it’s too late. Growing disease, viruses, earthquakes are some of the indications of rising global warming. What are the reasons and what measures must be taken in concern with increasing global warming are the matters I’ll be speaking about today in my global warming speech.

So first, let’s talk about what global warming is? An increase in the earth’s normal temperature because of risen unwanted greenhouse gases like methane, carbon dioxide, ozone are understood as global warming.

In the path, when the sun rays reach the earth, the greenhouse gases trap the sun’s radiation and thus form a blanket that hinders the warmth from exiting back into the environment, getting known as the greenhouse effect.

The ozone layer keeps the earth safe from dangerous ultraviolet radiation. But when this layer gets weakened from the radiation of the sun it results in destructive impacts on the entire existing life on earth.

Reason for rising global warming:

Burning non-renewable fuel sources, cutting down trees, burning plastics, Agriculture, and harvesting are some of the reasons for increasing global warming. Carbon Dioxide gets discharged into the atmosphere while we burn non-renewable plastics.

In my global warming speech, I would like to point out the selfish human behavior of only making money that has caused so much disruption in nature. Nowadays, people are cutting down trees and are either constructing buildings on them or converting them into farming land without even thinking once about future survival.

Trees give us oxygen by absorbing carbon dioxide in it and due to less growing of trees now the percentage of carbon dioxide has heightened thus affecting the earth. Also because of industrial works the release of dust and gases are increasing pollution and heat in the environment. Don’t burn garbage as it discharges excess CO², instead dump it inside the ground.

Consequences of global warming:

Global warming has and is resulting in destroying the earth’s atmosphere, increasing sea levels, increasing the temperature, melting glaciers, wildlife are losing their sanctuaries. During summer, the temperature rises extremely leaving the rivers and lakes dry and intolerable for wild species and humans.

Increased temperature melts the glacier and thus making the water level rise in oceans which brings the flood. Cyclones, Earthquakes, droughts, bushfires are more frequent now. Due to increasing Carbon dioxide, the seas have become hotter and also sourish which is affecting marine life.

The impact of global warming can also be seen in agriculture in coming years as the plants will not get purified air to withstand and thus will lead to depletion of crops in a few years. This will affect humans and wild species as they’ll not get enough food to eat and thus one by one population will go on decreasing.

Global warming has led to serious health risks:

Due to a large amount of carbon dioxide mixed in the air, human beings are not able to breathe fresh air and therefore get asthma, allergies, skin irritation, and several health issues. With increasing lightning and storms, our electrical operation will collapse and without power, the majority of the work will shut down, and slowly everything will get over from this planet.

Measures that must be taken to save the earth from global warming:

Greenhouse gases are slightly significant because they hold some heat needed for the earth’s life’s survival otherwise the earth will freeze and no life will be possible. But, when the amount of greenhouse gases increases it becomes dangerous.

So, in this global warming speech, I’ll be further talking about what certain things we have to do that can help us in making the earth free from dangerous greenhouse gases. In my global warming speech, we know that Deforestation must be stopped and afforestation should be adapted so that the trees can release oxygen in the atmosphere and absorb carbon dioxide.

Air pollution has increased which has affected people from asthma and illness therefore to reduce air pollution, we should reduce the use of our vehicles and go for public vehicles. And use eco-friendly vehicles like a cycle and prefer walking for a short distance. Avoid using hot water for washing anything this will help in reducing carbon dioxide. Install geysers that use less energy.

Recycling waste products is equally important so as to reduce CO² amount. Recycling, especially plastic, harms nature extremely. Nowadays, many countries, cities are facing the problem of scarcity of water, therefore don’t waste water by turning on the tap while brushing or washing anything unnecessarily. If water gets over on this planet then any life would not be possible.

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We should make less use of non-renewable fossils and prefer renewable solar energy, biomass, and geothermal energy to stop global warming. To reduce the release of carbon dioxide, switch off your electronic gadgets when you are not using them because electricity is generated from fossil and fossil releases CO². Use kitchen waste like peels of fruits and vegetables as natural fertilizers for plants at home instead of throwing them in the garbage.

Last but not the least, finally it may be concluded in my global warming speech that as we now know about the things which led to global warming and its impact and by which measures we can stop global warming. Therefore, act before it’s extremely late and also spread this message around you so that earth can be saved faster.

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