Medical fitness certificate in India – 2021

Medical Fitness Certificate is the certificate of medical fitness who works in Government, and private and other services for their health report. To ensure that one person, is physically as well as mentally sound in health, is admitted to any service.

Every new entrant including a part-time employee on appointment to any services/post is required to produce a medical fitness certificate of health issued by a competent authority.  Where the post is permanent and the appointment is made in a substantive capacity, the medical fitness certificate of fitness shall be produced before such an appointment.

All appointing authorities are, however, advised to ensure that this does not result in a delay in issuing offers of appointments to the candidates recommended by the UPSC/SSC an employee as “not fit” for appointment to the post specified, the services of the employee should, subject to the provisions of the Ministry of Health Office Memorandum No. 5-35/55-1111 dated the 13th December 1965 be terminated forthwith.

Though medical opinion should not declare a candidate as “fit for temporary employment”, it sometimes happens that a candidate is declared “temporarily unfit” as requiring re-examination after a specified period in cases where the condition of temporary unfitness is curable in a reasonable period.

It has been decided that in such cases, there should be no objection to a Government servant declared “temporarily unfit” physically being retained in service for the period specified by the competent medical authority provided that:

  1. The period after which a second medical examination is to be conducted is specified by the competent medical authority
  2. The condition leading to temporary unfitness is declared as being curable within a reasonable period
  3. The disease is not of such nature as to be a source of risk to others with whom the Government servant may have to come in contact in the course of his duties.
  4. The Government is’ furnished to Audit along with the first pay bill of the Government servant. The procedure for furnishing this certificate in respect of Gazetted and non-gazetted officers will be as follows: —
  5. In respect of Gazetted Officer’s certificates furnished by the competent authority to whom the medical certificate has been submitted should be attached to the first pay bill.
  6. In respect of non-gazetted officers, the drawing and disbursing. officers should furnish such certificates along with the first pay bills of Government servants concerned.

NOTE 1:-

A person who is appointed to Government service afresh after a break Inservice -not. -exceeding one year should be treated as in continuous service for the” purpose of these orders, – the periods of the break not being counted. If, however, -the period of break. exceeds one year, he should be regarded as a fresh entrant to Government service.

NOTE 2:-

A person who has been in continuous service but in different posts should be deemed for the purpose of these orders to have been in continuous service in the same post.

The following classes of Government servants are exempted from producing a medical certificate of health:

(1) A Government servant recruited through a competitive examination who had to undergo a medical examination in accordance with the regulations prescribed for appointment to service under Government.

(2) A qualified student of the Thomason college, Roorkee, permanently appointed to the Public Works Department within 18 months from the date of the health certificate granted to him on the completion of the College course.

(3) A Government servant appointed in a temporary vacancy for a period not exceeding three months. 5(3-A) A Class IV Government servant of the Indian Posts and Telegraphs Department confirmed in his grade before the 15th May 1942 on promotion to Class III service. subject to his being examined for communicable diseases.

(4) A temporary Government servant, who has already been medically examined in one office, if transferred to another office without a break in his service.

(5) A retired Government servant re-employed immediately after retirement.

NOTE 3:-


Medical examination before undergoing training It has been decided that candidates entering the subordinate service in the Post and Telegraphs Department must produce the medical fitness certificate before undergoing the prescribed training.


How do I get a medical fitness certificate?

Visit your nearest primary health Centre or any government hospital. You can consult the medical officer there and he will help you get the certificate. If it is for any government job it’s better you get it through government hospital as authenticity matters.

How to fill a medical fitness certificate?  fill this MFC form with your detailed answers.

Who can give a physical fitness certificate?

Well qualified physicians or who work in medical care centers in the form of written statements can give medical fitness certificates or doctors certificates to patients. It can serve as a sick note or any health issue evidence for the medical examination of a sick patient.

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