Domicile Certificate in India – 2021

The domicile certificate is issued by the state government to prove that a person is an inhabitant or Residential of a certain state. The person who can acquire a domicile certificate proves your residential in India by making a declaration in writing of his desire to get a domicile in India, provided has been a resident of India for at least one year prior to the making of the declaration

A domicile certificate refers to the place you call the resident permanently. Your domicile is important for legal purposes such as paying taxes, voting and claiming benefits. Residence and domicile have different legal definitions and are differentiated primarily by the length of time you plan to live in a specific location.

Why we need a Domicile Certificate?

Domicile certificate is a document that allows you to utilize all the services provided by the State Government, such as education, job, food, electricity, and water. Domicile is very essential which confirms that an individual is a permanent inhabitant of the state.

According to the law, this certificate can be attained from just a single city. Domicile is required in many places.This is required for taking admission in universities or taking up the job.

Domicile certificate can be applied by the following procedure

The applicant has to get the application form from a Sub-Divisional Tahsildar’s office or Revenue Department or District Collector’s Office, or any other authority. First, get the application form for applying for a domicile certificate.

The applicant needs to fill the following details in the application form:

  • Applicant’s name.
  • Husband’s Name or Father’s name
  • Gender
  • Residential address
  • Ration card number
  • Details of immovable property belonging to parents in TamilNadu
  • Date of application
  • Signature of the applicant

Required documents to apply for Domicile Certificate.

  • Permanent residence proof for 5 years.
  • Copy of ration card, voter ID, tax receipt, etc.
  • School Leaving Certificate. (TC)

Domicile is needed as evidence of residence to benefit Domicile/Resident Quotas in academic organizations and in the Government Sector. Domicile is also needed in jobs where local residents of the state are needed.

You can apply for a domicile certificate by filling an application form or by going to the office of the Tehsildar. You need to create a valid username and password and register yourself.

All the documents submitted as proof to obtain a domicile have to be attested by Gazetted officers. Along with that, a copy of ID’s and application need to be submitted to avail the domicile certificate.

If an individual form is filled online, the ID’s copy needs to be uploaded to the application form. The affidavit of that person should be attached to the application form. Affidavit needs to be uploaded in case the online application form is filled. The affidavit uploaded or attached should be original.

You need a passport size color photograph that should be uploaded when filling the online. In offline mode, it should be pasted on the form. When you will physically submit the form, your picture is taken through a webcam.

When it is not required?

Domicile is not required for 15% seats but you need to have a state quota to have a domicile certificate. You can go to the municipal corporation of your state to make the domicile certificate in case you are standing up on all the requirements of your state.

While filling the form, a domicile certificate is not required. You need it after you get selected at various government sectors and educational institutions.

During All India counseling which is for 15% seats, domicile is not needed in NEET counseling. If you are unable to make it by 15%, then you can go for an 85% state quota.

During admission, you need to submit the form while taking admission through state quota. A person is entitled to have one domicile at a time. It is offensive to have more than one state’s domicile. Therefore, you can avail of the state quota of only one state.


Can we use the Aadhaar card as a domicile certificate?

Aadhaar card only had your present address and your present address doesn’t need to be your permanent address. It can be changed later. Therefore, It is not proof that you belong to that state or city.


What are the important documents needed to apply?

The following are necessary documents to apply for Domicile Certificate.

  • Residence proof for five years
  • Ration card, Voter ID
  • Tax receipt
  • Transfer certificate or school leaving certificate.

How do I get a domicile certificate online?

How to change the address in the domicile or residential certificate?

Domicile is for a continuous stay for 15 years in a state. now that you have got it won’t be revoked unless you have domicile of any other state. So, use this domicile until you get a new domicile from a new state.

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