Application for fee concession sample and Format

People want fee concessions when it comes to taking admissions. Despite the many different types of applications, application for a fee concession is the least mentioned.

If you wish to ask your school’s financial planning for a fee concession, you’ll need to know how to write a fee concession application that is short and sweet, sounds sincere, and explains why you’re pursuing the concession in detail. It must be compelling; alternatively, the principal will have no incentive to give you a bargain.

There is a slew of purposes because a student might seek a fee concession or tuition charge waiver. Still, they all boil down to budgetary difficulties that prevent the teenager and their parents from continuing to charge the very same tuition charge.

What exactly is indeed in a Principal’s Application?

Application forms or even applications for fee concession are handwritten requests for anything like a position or participation in an organization. An application for fee concession to the principal could prepare for a variety of reasons, including the following:

  • For Medical Leave,
  • Full Tuition Concession,
  • Section Shift, as well as
  • Admission-Related Questions and Inquiries
  • For a Transmission Diploma,
  • A Shift of Stream Certificate, and so on.

You must explicitly state the rationale, including its corresponding considerations while writing the application form. If you’re drafting a vacation application, for instance, make sure to include the reasons and the duration of days you won’t be available to visit school. Make careful to write in a serious tone as well as keep your sentences short.

How to write a fee concession Application

In an application for fee concession, the addressee’s designating name, institution name, and address should all appear at the top of the request. After that, a single-line subject line expresses the rationale for applying. This content of the application for fee concession then explains why you’re in a financial bind, followed by a demand for a fee concession. The letter concludes with an early thanking you to the administration and the student’s identity plus biodata.

Samples of Fee concession Applications

The following are two examples of the most prevalent reasons for an application for fee concession. You could change them according to your needs and requirements. Always keep in mind to be sincere and to speak politely and humbly. Your application must affect the addressee sufficiently, which is only achievable if you obey the requirements.

How to Prepare a Letter to your Head Requesting a Fee Concession Due to Lock-Down

An application for a fee concession letter is straightforward to prepare; review the examples below and select the one that best fits your needs. Let’s talk about various Formats of application for fee concession.

1. Format of application for fee concession:

[These are examples of applications for fee concession for learners at universities, colleges, including schools. To seek a fee concession at your school, college, and university, fill out the application underneath and submit it to the administration. You could change the formats to suit your needs.]

The principal/Dean,
Institute Name
Institute Address
subject: – Application for a fee concession for a disabled student

It declared with great reverence that I am (Title), a candidate of (Section Name), attending your institution. I am an adult who is responsible for all of my educational expenses. (Explain the nature of your issue and the circumstances in which you find yourself). In addition, a minor polio illness in my right thigh has rendered me immobile. To back it up, I’ve submitted my medical certificate to my petition letter.

I would want to propose a charge concession for the circumstances listed. I shall be ready to complete my education if you approve my request. I’m hoping to hear back from you with a positive response. Thank you for spending the effort to browse through this.

Sincerely Yours,

2. Request for a Fee concession in college

The principal
Your School Name
School Address
Subject: Application for a Fee Concession in College Fees.

Dear Sir,
Respectfully, I humbly demand that I, Mr. Waqas, a student attending class 11, be allowed to speak with you. I am from a low-income family. The salary is insufficient to cover my educational expenses. As a result, I respectfully beg that you waive my costs and provide me the opportunity to finish my desired education through your college.

I’m hoping for positive vibes from you.

Yours Faithfully,
Roll No

3. Request for a fee concession due to budgetary hardship

The principal,
Name Of Your School
School Address
Subject: Application for a School Fee Concession.

Respectfully, Sir,

I am Mr. Dinesh, a 10th-grade scholar. In your moral status, I would like to urge that my demand letter topic lines, as indicated above, be respected.

My mother is ill, plus we have already invested a significant amount of money in her treatment. Therefore, my family could indeed manage my school fees.

Please accept my apologies for the tuition concession so that I can continue to pursue my educational goals.

I’m looking forward to receiving gratitude from you.

Yours Sincerely,
Your Name
Class and Session
Roll No:

4. A parent’s request for a fee concession

The principal,
School Name
School Address
Subject: Application for a School Fee Concession.

Sir, I bow to you.

Mr. Manthan’s dad, Ashok Verma, writes: He is an eighth-grade understudy in your institution. I am indeed a low-income individual who works for a private corporation regularly.

Given your illustrious reputation, I respectfully request that you reduce the penalty that I am incapable of paying due to a financial problem in my home.

Please be nice to me as well as provide my child the opportunity to continue his studies.
I’m hoping for your sympathy.

Ashok Verma,

Application letter to the school’s Principal requesting a fee concession:

The principal,
Abc School,
Chicago, Illinois.
Subject: Request for a fee concession.

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am a Class Nine member at your esteemed school, and I say this with the highest respect. I had always chosen to study here, and I admit around two years ago, and I am constantly glad. I come from a family which is continually fighting to makes ends meets. We are indeed a lower-middle-class family, and I worked part-time to supplement my income and meet some of my private and educational expenditures. My father supports an eight-person family after being sacked from his job approximately a month ago. My family has seemed unable to finance my schooling at this institution since then.
As a result, I have no option but to request a complete charge concession. Your generosity in this matter will keep me from falling out. I have a pretty fantastic scholastic record, which I promise will continue till I pass from this institution.

Thanking you,
Yours Sincerely,
Mark Eisenberg,
Grade 8th,
Section B

Consider the following points.

Some ideas can assist you in preparing a practical approach. Some helpful hints and strategies for making application for fee concession towards the principal better relevant and easier to understand include below:

Inside the application, the purpose for writing should indicate explicitly. Details about the reason, such as the number of days of leave, circumstances affecting fee concessions, and so on, should include.

The application must indeed be professionally written and not too long to read.

The application’s vocabulary, semantics, and structures should all be proper and error-free.

The proposal should make clearly and formally.

Application towards the Principal Format

The application for fee concession structure is an essential aspect of the writing process. It determines the format to use when submitting an appeal to the principal. The standard form for drafting a request to a principal is as follows:

Receiver’s Address.

[Include the name of the person to whom you are writing, such as ‘The Principal,’ followed by the school’s address.]


[The Date the application was submitted. It aids in the formal documentation of the application.]


[A brief remark that reflects the reason for writing the application.]


[The addressee is honored and alluded to politely here. If there is any doubt regarding the gender of the individual getting addressed, put ‘Sir,’ ‘Madam,’ or perhaps both.]

Body of Content

[Include your full name and class]. [Explain why you’re applying.] [Considerations such as the number of days of vacation (containing dates), the cause for a fee concession, so on] [Gratefully express your thankfulness to the principal.]

Complimentary Note as a final thanks to you for the headmaster’s time, tolerance, as well as understanding. As a result, the letter is much more professional and suitable.]

Line of Conclusion

[Yours Faithfully, Yours Sincerely, etc.]]
Sender’s Names and Contact Information

[Finish the application by stating your identity along with any pertinent information such as course, division, roll number, and every other relevant information.]

Example of a Thank You Letter to the Principal for something like a Fee Concession

[The following section focuses on an example thank-you letter to the principal for a fee concession.] You could use this template fee concession thank you note to write to the principal, headteacher, director, board member, or professor. You might make any modifications to suit your needs.]

The principal
School/College name

Sub: Thanks Letter for Fees Concession
To The Principal,

Sir, it is said that I visited you within your school desk on the [Date]. Sir, I would choose to register my two/ three youngsters in your school, based on the standards of education of your school, which are far better than that of any other well-known school in the area. (Explain in your very own terms.)

Sir, I sincerely wish my words receive schooling from your school beneath your kind direction and supervision. However, one problem which concerned me was the expense of school tuition— [Explain the exact cause and circumstance]. Sir, I had been a low-paid government/private employee who was worried over the subject of my children’s school expenses. (Explain the issue in detail.)

As a result, I petitioned your highness for quite a fee concession that you granted, demonstrating your genuine concern for me and my kids. (Characterize your greetings in a friendly manner.) Sir, the day has finally come when my wards will receive genuinely high-quality learning from the institution, and on this occasion, I would like to thank you for your generosity. Sir, please accept my heartfelt gratitude one more.


As a result, the application for fee concession sent to the principal of just a school should write in such an official tone overall. Respectfully greet the principal and convey your thankfulness for spending time out of their hectic routine to read your letter.

Explain yourself by name, class, as well as seat number (if applicable).
Remind them of your circumstances and, therefore, a good cause for requesting a cost concession. Include everything with the letter if you already know what documentation you’ll submit to get the discount. If you’re not sure, have a question in your writing to the principal.

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