Application for a new ATM card – Sample, Format in 2021

ATM is of great use these days. Application for a new atm card is required for people who want to use ATM. For others, if you have lost or want to replace then banks urge the customer to write an open letter to the bank manager requesting a replacement ATM card. Let’s discuss in detail how to go for the application for a new atm card. 

Debit and ATM cards are becoming a requirement in everybody’s life presently. It is also an excellent procedure for withdrawing income through your bank accounts throughout most regions of the world. To get money through your account daily, you’ll need to use an ATM.

You can use it for mobile telephone recharging, extra payments, and trip bookings, among other things. You may not need to go all the routes to your bank to do transactions if you use an ATM. As a result, it is critical to maintaining its security.

People must do the application for a new atm card to the bank’s Manager requesting the issuance of a new ATM card. We would give you all these note forms for free, something you might use immediately after making the necessary changes based on your specific circumstances.

We have attached several competently written messages to you detailing the bank account and also its terms. Requests for terminating a bank account or attaching a beneficiary to the fund in the calculation of distributing are examples of these terms.

For instance, you may require switching banks owing to improved products, charges, and penalties offered through other banks, greater interest’s rates inside a current bank account, terrible customer support, a shortage of value-added products and innovative assistance, relocation, a lack of ATMs or offices locally, and so on.

If anyone recognizes themselves in any of these scenarios, they are confident that they will discover the right note on our internet.

Because the bank is such a well-run business and each bank must have its unique set of criteria for clients requesting bank assistance, there seems to be a strong demand for properly prepared banknotes. Let’s see how to write an application for a new atm card to the branch manager.

Letter to the bank manager for a new atm card

When writing a note to a branch manager, keep the essential recommendations and standards in mind:

Make your application for a new atm card should have the following text.

  • Also, make very sure the actual text is short and to the point. Include the source of the money as well as the location of your account.
  • You can also ask just to provide the identity as it appears on the bank documents.
  • Inside the formal request, users must include their bank account information.
  • Even though this would be a maximum towards the bank manager, standard conventional letter-writing conventions must always be followed, including headlines, pleasantries, complimenting closing, and signatures lines.
  • If appropriate, customers could also provide containers or connections (or as supporting evidence).

Notice to the Manager of the Bank – Currently, everybody seems to have a bank account. It comes with various functions such as providing an ATM card, generating a bank statement, providing a checkbook, and on and on.

Regarding anyone of the actions above, you may also need to do the application to the new atm card formal demand to the branch manager at some moment. Here are a few other example templates for writing an appointment letter to the branch manager of the relevant bank. It is their responsibility to satisfy clients’ issues and ensure continuous improvement.

Application for a new atm card to the bank manager

While writing an application for a new atm card request to Branch Manager about ATM Card – An ATM card is perhaps the most fundamental necessity in the modern environment for handling daily operations without trek kilometers to your nearest bank.

Whenever you set up an account through any bank those same days, getting a new ATM card is simple. If you already possess an established bank account and do not possess an ATM card to receive payments, you’ll need to compose an application form. The following is a sample template for a request letter for obtaining an ATM card.


The Bank Manager

[State Bank of India]


Distinguished Sir/Madame

Subject-Letter is requesting the issuance of a new ATM card.

I created an account with your [Bank Details] a few weeks ago. But, for whatever reason, I never applied for an ATM card at a particular moment. I’ve started doing all these withdrawals and many other transactions through to the bank alone. I’m going to start using an ATM card and deduct payments because it will save me money. As a result, please provide them a replacement Debit card as quickly as available. I would have been immensely grateful if you could do these for me.

Thank you very much.

Account Information:

Application for a new atm card Sample

You may require having an ATM card reissued through the bank for a variety of circumstances. It is pretty normal to misplace an ATM (Automatic tailor machine) card or for an ATM card to get destroyed after extensive use.

In that scenario, you must write a letter to the branch manager requesting that a replacement ATM card be issued. As a result, we’ve included an example format for drafting an application structure for the banker to renew a new ATM card.


The Branch Manager

[The branch’s identity]

[Reference of the bank]


Dear Sir/Madam,

Subject: Reissue about an ATM card demand letter.

I’m writing to let you know that I’ve had an account with your [bank details] for the past [number of months]. I had an ATM (Automatic tailor machine) card, but I misplaced it on my way home after the office. I respectfully demand that you immediately block my prior ATM card and provide me a fresh one, such that my regular job not disrupt. I will be grateful to you.

Please accept my heartfelt gratitude.

Yours Sincerely

[Your name here]

[Your Bank Account] Accounts No.

[You possessed ATM card details] is your existing debit card number.

ATM card request letter format: 


The Manager,

[Identity of the Bank],

[Branch Name],

[Branch Location],


Subject: ATM Card Application Letter format.

Dear Sir/Madam,

I want to call your awareness that I hold a savings bank account in your recognized branch using the identification number— [Include the number of your savings account]. I am aware that your personnel is quite accommodating, and I am entirely delighted with your services.

I’m writing to advise you that I accidentally misplaced my debit/atm cards from your banks while on vacation. As a result, I respectfully demand that you provide a replacement ATM card not to disrupt my daily schedule. I’m hoping you’ll respond to my request as soon as possible.

I’m looking forward to hearing from you.

Yours Sincerely,

[Your Name],

[Account Details],


[Contact Details].

Application for a new ATM card format and samples discussed above now let’s see how to keep your ATM cards

  • Maintain your ATM card at a secure place at all times. It’s a great idea to keep your card inside a card case, which preserves the magnetic strip on the card.
  • Protect your PIN by not writing this on the cards or keeping a written pad in your purse or bag.
  • As just a PIN, consider using numbers from your mobile number and even your date of birth.
  • Keep receipts away from the ATM. Check each expenditure against your quarterly account statements using online banking and tickets.
  • Don’t tell anyone your password. Banks should never request this data, financial firms, or businesses.
  • Allowing strangers to help you with an ATM transaction is never a good idea, even if you’re having problems or your cards are stuck.
  • Check to see if either the ATM has specific fraudulent gadgets linked to it. If indeed the ATM seems to be different or has any modifications covering the card reader or Password keypad, do not utilize it as well as, if feasible, notify the bank/financial organization immediately.

Advantages of an ATM card-

ATM debit cards are frequently provided for free by a bank if you maintain a financial institution. Even though debit cards resemble credit cards established by large corporations, each transaction you make with just an ATM checkout card diminishes your current bank accounts.

Electronic financial systems include ATM cards through your banks, credit unions, and other financial firms. Application for a new atm card for getting an ATM card already explained above. That makes utilizing your card at some other ATMs nearly painless.

  • Convenient Banking Options

With such a debit card, anyone can get money and make donations to your savings account whenever they choose, rather than having to wait for banking transactions.

It’s also simple to withdraw cash from some other bank’s ATMs. You can usually check your current account amount at an ATM around your account, but this feature may not be accessible if you utilize a new bank.

  •  Save time and money by avoiding fees.

According to the Federal Competition Commission, using an ATM card can help you conserve money on credit cards fees, including interest rates.

You could only expend what you do possess in your bank account to keep your spending under control. Since you can’t buy things that are not in your reports, overdraft fines are uncommon.

  • Advantages When Shopping

Purchasing groceries, petrol, and other essentials are as straightforward as waving your cards in the computer with a Bankcard. Many larger retailers now allow you to get a little cash while you’re doing your shopping. That spares you time as well as expedites the checkout process. ATM card transactions accept in outlets, movie theatres, even fast-food eateries, to name a few.

  • More Security Advantages 

Cheque books and money are less secured than ATM cards. Whenever you lose money, it’s gone forever. According to Clark Stern, your bank would restrict your loss through misplaced or stolen cards to $50, providing you report them within two days.

But sometimes in case if the ATM card may be stolen, repaired, taken, or misplaced due to unforeseen events such as robbery or traveling.

You can withdraw money through the closest institution ATM from wherever you are. If you don’t have an ATM card, you’ll need to submit a formal note to the bank to handle your funds. In these cases, the banks must notify of the ATM’s theft or damages.

It is preferable to send a note to the Branch Manager informing them of the stolen, loss, or destruction of the Bank’s Smartcard and, if required, disabling the card. Sometimes, unfortunate events such as the loss of an ATM card might occur.

In those kinds of unfortunate circumstances, you may need to call customer service immediately by submitting a note to the bank.

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