How to get experience certificate in India-2021

An experience certificate is proof of your experience that you have gained by working in some company or organization. It is issued by the firm or organization where a person has worked. It is generally provided when a person has completed his tenure in a particular organization and therefore before leaving the company he/she is provided with an experience certificate.

An experience certificate holds very much importance as it tells the interviewers about your past experience and other work-related details from your last job.

Experience Certificate is always given when a person leaves his job and is about to switch to some other job. Thus it is proof of your experience which you have gained by working in a particular organization.

An experience letter yells the interviewer about the number of years of experience as well as the type and field of work you have experienced in the past. It contains crucial information about your previous job such as the job position, role, profile, salary, and also the definite number of years for which the person has served the company.

The experience letter is always in a particular format as per the company’s format and therefore it is generally given on the company’s letterhead. The experience certificate also helps in knowing the skills and knowledge of an individual and gives a jest of the knowledge level and expertise of an individual. It is also helpful when switching to a new job or taking admission in a professional course.

Process of gaining experience letter:

An experience letter is issued by the company or organization where the individual works therefore the person has to firstly write an application requesting for the release of his/her experience letter. In some cases, the person will have to contact head HR to release his experience certificate.

When the application is approved it is then signed by concerned authorities and is provided to the employee. Nowadays the experience letter is provided by the company itself as a part of the formal leaving procedure therefore the employee will not have to request for it.

Importance of Experience certificate:

  1. The certificate should be on the company’s Letter Head.
  2. It should contain the proper date of the issue of the certificate.
  3. Salutation must be present in the certificate.
  4. Name of the employee of the organization.
  5. It should contain the period of their work and tenure.
  6. It should consist of the job role, position, and profile of the employee.
  7. The experience certificate should give remarks on the performance of the employee.
  8. It should be duly signed by the authorities and officials.


It is always wrong to modify the facts and change the accurate information into the modified one. People usually mold the facts and therefore they never think of the consequences that can happen in the future. The same thing goes in the case of an experience letter also, which should not be faked and real information should be provided in that.

If fake information is presented in the experience letter there can be many consequences and therefore there are various reasons why you should not get a fake experience certificate. These are:

1) Fake experience certificate will land you to legal consequences and charges if caught by the company.

2) The true experience comes in front of the organization in the process of background check and Verification.

3) A person may be changed or removed from the organization if he is caught presenting a fake experience letter.

4) Some legal rules one may also be blocked to work for a certain period of time.

5) Presenting a fake experience letter creates a negative impression and also destroys the image of the person.

Frequently Asked Questions on Experience certificate:

Q1. Is it required to join an MNC?

Ans. Yes, multinational companies always ask for the certificate of past experience and therefore it is a much-needed document before going to an interview at MNC.

Q2. Does the Experience letter mention the designation of employees?

Ans. Yes, the experience letter mentions the employee’s role, position, designation along with his work tenure.

Q3. How many types of experience certificates are there?

Ans. There are many types of experience letter but the purpose of all these is the same. These are Experience certificate, Experience letter, relieving letter, internship experience letter.

Q4. Why is the signature of authorities important on the experience certificate?

Ans. The signature of authorities and officials on the experience certificate is proof that the experience letter is a genuine one and the person is not faking his experience on the behalf of the certificate. Therefore, it is like a hallmark in the context of an organization that states the authenticity of the letter.

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