How to get Date of Birth Certificate in India 2021

Date of Birth Certificate is a strong and reliable document of a child’s existence. The date of birth certificate is an attested document declaring that the individual concerned is born on this specified date and this specific place.

The Date of birth of a child born in India is Registered by Birth or death or the Municipal Corporation will issue the Date of Birth Certificate to that child. If the birth certificate is applied online, the date of birth certificate download is available on the e-citizen website of the concerned state.

The Date of birth certificate is the basic right of the child and it is the initial step towards securing its identification.

The following requisite uses of birth certificates have appeared:

  1. For admission in schools
  2. As verification of age for employment.
  3. For proof of age at marriage.
  4. To authenticate parentage or origin.
  5. To verify age for registration in Electoral Rolls.
  6. To establish an age for insurance policies and schemes
  7. To enrol in the National Population Register (NPR) of India.

The child that is not enrolled at birth is at threat of being refused the right to established status, a distinguished name, and a nationality.

Registration is also an important tool for a nation’s progress as the method of registration implies the accumulation of data on indispensable statistics i.e. the number of births and deaths. It is also an essential factor of national planning for children as it produces a demographic basis.

If you want to view the date of the birth certificate you can download an online application for the date of birth certificate.

The Civil Registration System in India or CRS India is the identified process of constant, perpetual, and mandatory registration of important events of birth, death, and stillbirths. The official website of CRS is

It moreover creates a database to build and maintain all the important statistics. You can easily request or apply for the Birth & Death certificate online using the CRS official website

The office of Registrar General and Census Commissioner of India provides the services of Date of birth certificate and death Enrollment services. One can easily go to and apply online for Birth & Death Certificate hassle-free.

India records approximately 34 births every minute and every child that is born must have a Birth Certificate as soon as it is possible. The birth certificate application is to be done with the concerned local authorities within 21 days of the event as per the Registration of Births and Deaths Act in 1969.

To apply for a Date of Birth Certificate, one can visit the official website The procedure to apply for the Birth Certificate for a newly born child in India is mentioned below.

Open the authentic website of the Civil Registration System which is

The First-time users need to fill in the following details to signup and create a unique account:


E-mail address

Correct Mobile Number

Date of Birth of the child

The Place of occurrence of Birth.

Select the specified State, District, Sub-Division / Taluka, Village/Town, Registration Unit.

Verify and cross-check all details entered and click on register.

Cancel and correct if any mistakes or errors occur, before clicking on the register option.

Print the receipt after the registration and submission are successfully done.

Also only Domiciliary (Home / House) Birth/Death can be reported through the portal within the 21 days of the occurrence of the birth/death and to the registration system where the portal is being used for Registration of Birth & Death.

After the procedure is completed one cannot immediately view the birth certificate online or quickly do a birth certificate search. They have to wait for some time and track the status of their application on the website, they can download and take a print of the application form to save time.

In case of any queries or assistance, the website or the online portal has helpline numbers that are available 24×7 to ease the process and help people with their issues. The date of birth certificate application for the Indians who live abroad is also easy.

They can conveniently reach the Indian commissions overseas to register the birth of their children at any time. The Home Ministry of India has also announced an order authorizing powers to the heads of Indian missions abroad for recording the birth of children even after a year under Section 4 of the Citizenship Act, 1955.



Q.1) How can I check the online record of the date of a birth certificate?

Ans. One can check the status of the online application on the portal.

Q.2.) for an adult how can I get a date of a birth certificate?

Ans. Please contact the birth and death registrar office and inform them, they will guide you.

Q.3.) How long does it take to obtain a date of birth certificate in India?

Ans. Generally, it takes around 15-30 days to get the birth certificate from the date of application.

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