Migration certificate In India 2021

A migration certificate is similar to the Bonafide certificate which states that the student is allowed to migrate or take a transfer from the university to any other institute or organization. It is issued by the university once the student finishes his final exam.

Thus, it is proved to be very useful when a student changes his university or board. When a student seeks admission to any college or university in the country, he is asked to present a migration certificate. You can apply the process of the certificate online.

It is made up of two words migration and certificate therefore we can easily understand its meaning by breaking these two terms.

Migration means moving from one place to another whereas certificate is an authentic proof of any particular activity.

Thus, it is a certification that allows a person or a student basically to migrate or move from his university and take admission to any university in the country or even abroad.

Therefore, it acts as a Bonafide sometimes which lets the student freely move from one educational institution to another with authentic permission. The migration certificate is also helpful when you are shifting or changing state.

There are various uses of a migration certificate and we can list them as follows:

  1. It helps students to switch between universities
  2. You can easily apply to study abroad
  3. It is helpful when applying for various types of loans
  4. It is compulsorily required during the admission process.
  5. To avail government prescribed schemes it is a must.

So, we can see that many uses of this certificate and one should always carry a migration certificate as it proves as an essential document for the admission process.

Process of Migration Certificate:

To get a there are both online and offline ways, so if you wish to apply online for a migration certificate you’ll have to go to the website of the respective college and fill the online application. The documents are needed to be submitted online and the verification process is then done by the university.

As soon as it is ready you can download it from the portal in pdf format. The fees vary from university to university and thus it is to be paid online itself.

The online mode of applying for the certificate is not that much success and includes many hurdles to cross.

Talking about the offline way, it is easier and quicker the person who requires should go to the concerned university and submit a duly filled form with his signature and application including the reason for migration.

Other documents such as the final mark sheet and transfer certificate are also mandatory to be attached. Later on, the person should deposit the fee at the university fee counter and obtain a receipt. 

Here the person gets the option of getting a migration certificate delivered at his doorstep through the help of Indian Postal Services.

If the person wishes to do so he should pay the postal charges and whenever the certificate is ready it will get automatically delivered at your house, or else you’ll receive a message and you can collect it manually from the university.



Q1.  Can I apply online to obtain a migration certificate?

Ans. Yes, you can apply online but it depends on your university if they are providing the facility of the online application or not.

Q2. What are the basic documents required by University to provide a certificate of migration?

Ans. The university may always ask for basic documents as proof these may be final year mark sheet, transfer certificate, passport size photograph, and application form.

Q3. Is migration certificate expensive?

Ans. It is totally the decision of the university to charge fees for various documents, but yes, they have to follow government norms therefore they cannot charge blindly. As far as my experience it may not cost you more than 400 bucks.

Q4. Can I get admission in the absence of a migration certificate?

Ans. No, you cannot get admission in any recognized university until you present a valid and authentic document. It’s proof that you have taken transfer and migrated from your previous university.

Q5. Is migration certificate submitted in college?

Ans. Yes, it is kept with the college until you complete a course from there. As soon as you are done with the course you can return the certificate is returned back to you along with transfer certificate.

Q6. Is migration certificate necessary to study abroad?

No, it is not compulsory if you are taking admission in a foreign university. But yes, it is better to keep as some universities may ask for a certification of migration. As far as admission is concerned in India, you’ll require the certificate in each and every university in the country.

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