How to get Bonafide Certificate in India – 2021

A Bonafide certificate holds an important place in a student’s folder. It is a document related to the student’s past education and his proof of attending that particular institution.

This Bonafide certificate is an important document and it clearly states that the student was a part of the particular school or college.

The word Bonafide certificate means to present real and therefore the Bonafide certificate stands as a genius piece of document relating to a student’s past education and institutional presence.

A Bonafide certificate is a kind of document that is issued by the schools and colleges to their students, It gives clear proof that the student was a part of a particular school or college or was also a part of the company.

Many organizations practice the concept which is generally the concept of educational institutions. Thus it acts evidence that a student was studying or working somewhere for a specific period of time.

It is of great use when it comes to a job change or applying for a new job. Even when a student switches from one school to another or switches between colleges a Bonafide certificate is asked to him in the first place. It plays a very important role when it comes to going abroad, studying abroad especially.

It is generally used for the purpose of education loans and background verification. Thus it is used at many places as proof such a to change the name, date of birth in documents a Bonafide is asked.

It also helps in availing government schemes, therefore it is also known as a study certificate or educational certificate which states that you have studied at a particular institution for a specific period of time.

Purpose of Bonafide certificate:

  1. The bonafide certificate is used to apply for educational loans.
  2. It is very helpful when you go to any industry visit.
  3. It is an important role when students participate in workshops, seminars held in other colleges.
  4. Using Bonafide under certain schemes may lead to avail travel concessions.
  5. It is also used for passport application and visa verification process as well.
  6. While joining public libraries the only document which is asked for is the Bonafide certificate of any institute thus it helps for joining libraries.

Bonafide helps a lot to employees when applying for loans and to open bank account also.

To attend industrial meetups and official board meetings proves to be very useful as it states that the person is an authenticated one from a particular organization.

Process of getting Bonafide:

The process of getting a Bonafide is not that much hard and fast, it is really easy. The person who is seeking for a Bonafide certificate needs to apply to the institutional head with a written application.

It can be a general application or letter that a person is in need of a Bonafide certificate of a particular institute or organization.

In some cases, the employees and students need to follow a particular format for the Bonafide application along with various documents such as Photo Id proof, application form, fee receipt, etc. In the case of employees, the employees need to attach a copy of their Id card and payslip along with the application.

The fees for Bonafide may vary according to the institute and the organization depending on their norms. After the completion of the application process, a date is provided to you and you can then receive from the concerned company or school.

Frequently Answered Questions

Q1.  What are the documents required to get a Bonafide certificate?

Ans. The requirement of documents differs from institute to institute and from one organization to another. In the case of students mark sheets and fees will do whereas employees need to attach their payslip with the application.

Q2.  Who is authorized to issue a Bonafide?

Ans. The institute or the company is the only authorized party to issue a Bonafide certificate to its students and employees.

Q3. What information is included in the Bonafide certificate?

Ans. The Bonafide certificate involves information such as your name, role, year in which you were present there, and some basic details of yours.

Q4. Is a Bonafide certificate useful?

Ans. Yes, it is very useful when it comes to document verification, visa verification, passport application, education loans, admission to foreign universities.

So, from the above discussion and explanation, we can understand that holds major importance in the student’s career as well as in the corporate life of an employee. Therefore one should make his bonafide certificate and keep it always ready whether it is asked or not as it is accepted at various places and is a crucial document.

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