Affidavit for name change – Documents, Eligibility

Changing the original name is extremely normal and a wide look in India. Whatever the explanation be, the system under the law to change the name is simple and rapid.

The main valid condition for qualification to change the name is that the candidate should be 18 years or more to change their name.

The time to get the affidavit for name change prepared relies upon the Department and the use of the candidate also. If the Papers encased are right, it will take less time.

There are various sorts of Affidavit which has different uses according to the applicant’s purpose:
Affidavit for name changest – The Affidavit for a name change is prepared with the purpose to Change Name Legally in every document and to distribute the Information in the Gazette of India.

Name Change after Marriage The affidavit for Name Change after Marriage can be used by any Lady looking for changing their original surname after marriage and changing the similar in different documents.

The same Person Affidavit – This is the same Person Affidavit that goes about as a Multi-Name Affidavit. The person who has various names in the important papers and need to give evidence that every name belongs to one person only.

Annexure “D” – Annexure D is aimed at the Name Change of a lady in the Passports after marriage. Therefore, for such change of your birth name in Passport, get Annexure “D” Affidavit prepared.

Annexure “E” – Annexure E affidavit is used for minor to a major change in Passport, yet assuming if a person wants to get their name change in Passport, then issue of Annexure E is necessary.

Mandatory documents needed for Name Change

An affidavit for name changes which should at least have the base worth ₹10

  • The original paper cutting has the name change advertisement.
  • The recommended proforma in format, appropriately endorsed by the candidate and two observers
  • Two identification size photos
  • Photocopies of ID verification that includes an Aadhaar card, PAN card, or passport.
  • A CD with a copy of the appeal in document format suitably filled.
  • A letter expressing that the subject in the soft and hard copy of the application is valid
  • A demand letter alongside the enrolment charge to the administration.

Eligibility for Affidavit for name changes

Name Changing is extremely normal in India due to different reasons. The qualification for Changing of Name is only that the candidate ought to be of 18 years or above. The Minor candidate can likewise change his/her name yet all things considered the Parents need to do the procedure for the benefit of the Minor Child.

The Process for Changing of Name

Get an affidavit for name change-ready on a stamp paper and get it Notarized from the Magistrate or Notary public. The Details that will be included in the Affidavit are Old Name, New Name, Address.

It is prescribed to get the Name Change Affidavit to authenticate from Notary Public. Because getting the affidavit authorized from Notary Public official will be less tedious as compared to get it attested from Magistrate.

Get the name change advertisement published in two local newspapers – publish the Advertisement in two nearby most read newspapers.

The details that must be included in the publication are New Name, Old Name, Full Address, Affidavit date, Name of Notary Public (For Married lady the Husband’s Name and Date of Marriage are additionally needed).

Give promotion in Two most-read Newspapers i.e one in the Language of the local state from where the candidate belongs and one in the English paper and keep around 4-5 cuttings of the Newspaper.

Sample of newspaper publication


“I, Randhir Kumar S/O Rajeev Kumar resident of………. Lucknow, have changed my name to Satyam Kumar vide Affidavit dated 23-8-2020 pledge before Notary Deepak Sharma, Lucknow”.


“I, Anjali Kumari D/O Shri Randhir Kumar residing at Block-B, Phase – 2, Indra Vihar, Lucknow, have changed my name to Priyanka Singh vide Affidavit dated 23-8-2020 pledge before Notary Deepak Sharma, Lucknow”.


No lady needs to get the notification published in Newspaper and Notification in Gazette too. On the off chance that the Change is just in the family name, there is no compelling reason to publish it except for assuming the change is major i.e changing the entire name, its essential to publish the notation in Newspaper and Gazette Notification.

For minor changes i.e., change in family name after marriage what you need to do is –
Stage 1 – Make an Affidavit for Name Change after Marriage and get it Notarized.
Stage 2–Update the Data in the other vital Documents and the Local Municipality Department, Children’s School (if any, and at other important places where the data should be refreshed.

Sample for Affidavit for name changes

“I, Anjali Sharma wedded Satyam Kumar at (07-03-2019) residing at…………Lucknow, have changed my name to Lavanya Singh vide Affidavit dated 9-05-2019 sworn before Notary Deepak Sharma, Lucknow”.

Distribution In the State Gazette

Get the Notification published in the Gazette India about the Name Change. This is certifiably not a legal necessity in certain States. For instance, In Odisha, the paper distribution for the name change is simply pertinent to the State govt. workers.
You can contact the regulator of distribution, Government press in your State and get details of the system.

You might be needed to give some important documents alongside the first sworn statement to have your details in the following periodical issue. Government representatives can reach out to their departmental HR contact for additional direction.

Contact them via speaking on the phone or also you can visit them to know about the mandatory documents.

Normally, you will have to give a photocopy of the sworn statement, photocopy of notation published in the newspaper, address and id verifications, identification photos, and the fee.

According to the timelines, you will be advised with regards to the change of name distribution in the journal alongside a photocopy of the paper for consideration

Distribution in the Gazette of India isn’t required in every one of the states, it varies from State to State, while it is obligatory for Government Employees to make the Name Change Deed and to distribute the news of changing names in the Gazette of India. In any case, if you need to keep your records updated in banks, financiers, and govt records, they may request you for a photocopy of Gazette.

Affidavit Format Sample
I…. S/o…………, aged around………. years, Resident of…………., House No………, P.s- ……………, Distt. -………, Pin-…………., do hereby solemnly affirm and declare and follows: –
That my name as per the documents is……………. (XYZ).
That at current, my every document contains my new name………
That, my name……. (Earlier name) and……. (Present name) is only one and the same person.

I am getting a public notice published regarding this in the newspaper.
That, I am swearing this affidavit for name change and the same will be for all purposes in the future.
That, all the declarations made above are real to the best of my knowledge, and principle and no part of it are false.

Identified by.

Affidavit format to be combined with an application for name change in the Education Certificate.
Application for name change in the certificate ought to be combined with testimony. At times the name of an individual might change after marriage or because of some other explanation. In such conditions application for change of name should be documented to get named in the testament changed.
Mrs._______________, D/o of Shri. ______________, spouse of Shri ____ ____________, matured about __ year’s, residing at ______, ________________, Kolkata-______, do thusly solemnly assert and the state as under:-

1. That I am the candidate in the application submitted for the name change and as such, I am completely acquainted with the facts dismissed too beneath.
2. That I have passed my __________Examination with enrolment No ________ from ______________ University in the year __________ with my name ___________.

3. That I am the daughter of Shri _________________ During my admission to the school, my name was _____________ which was the same till my marriage with Shri _____________on ________

4. That after my wedding with Shri ________________ because of change in the last name of my significant other, my name has changed from __________________ to Smt. I, _______________, child of Shri. ______________, aged ________, resident of ______, ________________, Kolkata-______, do thus gravely confirm and announce as under: –

5. That I have been named as _____________in _____________and the delegating authority has requested that I present the testament gave by the University with the changed name.

6. That I who is currently called as Smt _____________ is a similar individual as____________ before my marriage with Shri _____________

How to Make Name Change Affidavit Legally Enforceable?

Here and there it very well may be hard to take authorization from a judge, so you can contact a legal official to get a signature, which is comparably legitimate. Take out the print of the content on a stamp paper of the required value and make them be fixed by a public accountant.

The deed needs to be composed on a simple paper being stamped with an elastic stamp by two observers possessing the position of a gazetted official of a comparative office.

Notwithstanding, Indians who are living abroad, can present the deed which is verified appropriately by a separate Indian Embassy or Indian High Commission. It is the main stage concerning the method of the name change.

Final Words

Changing the first name is presently viewed as exceptionally normal and is seen all through India. Nonetheless, individuals are not much aware now of the options which are accessible to change the name easily. Therefore, it’s important to understand every procedure mentioned above.

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