Notice writing format – Everything you need to know

The notice is a piece of text that announces something or delivers essential information. Each notice is intended to draw the attention of a specific audience. Additionally, Notice writing format are written formally. As a result, when drafting a notification, the language and attitude should usually be formal.

It’s indeed easier to post material on web pages, newspapers, posters, magazines, as well as other media for announcements if you have good Notice Writing abilities. Exam boards such as CBSE and ICSE include a section in English that teaches students how to write notices.

Important Points on Notice writing format

Several of the most crucial tips to remember are listed below:

  • Type the word NOTICE first at top of the page.
  • Also include relevant details (day, location, and time) as well as the notice’s purpose.
  • Any signature, identity, and designation of both the person issuing the notification, as well as the identifier of the institution responsible for providing the notice, must always be supplied.
  • Displaying the message in a box.
  • Keep towards the 50-word limit that has been established.
  • Your name, as well as the location of the schools, institution, or agency delivering the notice, should be included.
  • Create a catchy and succinct heading. That must be pertinent to the subject matter being discussed. As a first look, the reader would be able to make out whatever the notice is about.
  • Inside the notice writing format, your notice’s aim, terms, essential information, and other parts must all be conveyed briefly. It should also be succinct while still being thorough.
  • Specify the time the notification was sent out.
  • Keep it quite clear that your target market is (for whom the notice is to be displayed).
  • Furthermore, look over the material for any spelling or grammatical mistakes. Moreover, make sure the notice’s content is legible.

Notice Composing Format – Notice Elements

When writing such notice, the appropriate format must be used:

  • An organization that Issues the Notice (Agency or School).
  • This notice writing format with content and publication date
  • Notice’s Title and Subject
  • Contents of the Notices (Date, time, and duration must all be included)
  • Names and signatures are required for authorization.

Instances and their Notice writing formats

  1. Being Sports Secretary from G.D.G. Public School, Pune, create a message on your institution notice board with no and over 50 words telling pupils about just the sale of their school’s obsolete sports equipment. Rohini/Rohit is your name. Delhi

Public School G.D.G.



July 29th, 20xx

Old Spoils Goods for Sale

Children are therefore notified that even on 2K1 August, 2Oxx, my school will hold a sale for old sports equipment such as cricket bats, badminton and also lawn teams rackets, soccer balls, cricket & racquet clothing, and so on in the P.E. room. Individuals interested in acquiring these should go to the P.E. Room throughout your free period or break time on the designated date.


Secretary of State for Sports.

  1. . You’re the chairman of ABC Group, and you’re arranging a neighborhood New Year’s Eve event. Compose a message telling the inhabitants of their neighborhood of the event. Provide any other information you think is relevant to the objective in the notice writing format. 

Members’ Organization of the ABC Society


Celebrations on New Year’s Eve

Date: December 24, 2021

Your ABC Society Citizens Association would host a large New Year’s Eve event in the community on December 31, 2021. The festivities will start at 7 p.m. Participants are encouraged to join in the events and turn them into a large party. Additionally, householders are required to wear helmets on all occasions throughout the celebrations. We’ll also make sure that all COVID-19 procedures are followed, including complete cleaning of the area.

Mr. Kailash is an Indian businessman.


Chairman of ABC Organisation Residents Association

  1. Even during autumn vacations, your company has arranged a trip to Lonavala, a town near Mumbai. Compose a message for your school’s bulletin board with no more than 50 words, providing specific information plus seeking names of individuals interested in participating. Head Boy/Head Girl, D.V. English School, Thane, Mumbai, named as NaresfyNamita. Delhi

English School D.V.

Thane is a suburb of Mumbai.


22nd September, 20xx

Lonavala excursion During the autumn vacation, from the 10th towards the 13th of October, your school has organized a four-day journey to Lonavala Hill Station. Trekking, mountain climbing, and nature excursions are among the attractions of the vacation. Such excursion will cost you $5,000 in total. Youngsters interested in participating in this trip should submit their identities, money, and a permission letter from their guardians to the undersigned by October 1st at the earliest.


Leader of the pack


  1. For Student Editor, write a message to your school notice board of no overt than 50 words encouraging students to submit pieces for their school magazine. You are RohaiVRupini, a student at Pune’s Vasant Vihar Academy. (India-wide, 2012)


The notice writing format will be in this form

Vasant Vihar School is located in New Delhi, India.



Articles for a School Magazine that are Inviting

July 5th, 20xx

Students are being reminded that their essays for our school magazine, ‘Vasant Times,’ must be submitted by July 15th, 20xx. Articles should be neatly handwritten or composed on A4 size sheets, including the student’s name, class, as well as section printed beneath it. Even during the ‘0’ period, please submit their articles to the undersigned within Room 10.


Editor in Chief for Students

  1. Your name is Smitha/Sunil, and you are the Secretary of the AVM Housing Association. You’re going to hold a blood donation drive. Compose a note of no more than 50 characters inviting your society’s membership to attend in great numbers for this worthy cause. Make a list of all the information you’ll need. Delhi

AVM Housing Society is a non-profit organization that provides affordable housing


22nd September, 20xx

Camps for Blood Donation Upon that 1st of October, 20xx, between 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., our society will have a blood donation camp inside the Community Center. Every necessary preparation will be made, including drinks plus refreshments including all donors. This camp is now being run under the expert supervision of both the Red Cross Society’s physicians and nurses. Participants are urged to guarantee that this camp receives a large turnout by convincing their friends as well as relatives to volunteer for this good cause.



Commonly Asked Questions

1. Is it necessary to place a notification in a mailbox?

Ans. Yes, notices should indeed be written inside a box at all times.

2. Inside a notification, how would you write the date?

Ans. In the notice writing format, there is no set format for writing the date.

3. What is the best way for me to publish my English Class 6 notice?

Ans. The reference towards the Notice Writing Format upon the page for help composing a notice.

4. What is the ICSE format for writing notices?

Ans. The procedure for writing notices for CBSE, ICSE, as well as other state boards will be the same. Just one difference between the boards is the grading scheme. These articles can be used by students who are searching for a note writing format for the ICSE Board.

Final Words:

Learners can understand how to properly express knowledge to an audience in this area. Learners should read this article to learn how to write a notice. Every structure of an official statement, how to create a notice writing format, guidelines to follow when writing such notice, and many notice writing instances and themes have all been discussed in this article.

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