How to Check CSC application status

There’s a lot of confusion to people about the CSC or Common Service Scheme. What is it? What is the purpose? Will it be helpful to us? How to check the CSC application status? Here we will talk about all these questions and understand what CSC is all about.

CSCs act as a key for the distribution of several electronic benefits to villages in India, thus supporting a financially and digitally inclusive society. CSCs have more facilities besides service delivery in rural India. They are set as change dealers, expanding rural entrepreneurship and creating rural facilities and employment.

They are promoters of social participation and cooperative effort for engendering social transformation through a bottom-up strategy with a main emphasis on the rural citizen. The Common Service Scheme has been initiated as an aspect of the “good governance” model.

It is claimed to rework the delivery networks of the social benefits, and also will facilitate rural employability for creating jobs. CSC began as a section of the E-governance schemes in 2006. Currently under “Digital India”, it is among the 31 Mission Mode Projects.

Why was the Common Service Centre set up?

The primary purpose behind arranging the CSC i.e., Common Service Centre is to stop the involvement of the middleman. The mediator will entirely get stopped. Presently that everyone is permitted to the essentials and is familiar with the process to carry out the transaction, they don’t have to rely on the mediator.

This is favorable because there are various incidents where the middleman has defrauded the common people by taking their money away. As the CSC Scheme gives the government to citizen services, the mediator will not be able to take many advantages. Any services that Government will initiate will be taught shortly to the common people.

The government services rates will be generously disclosed because of CSC. Consecutively, this will decrease the way of taking bribes. When the transactions number rises, the duty of the Village Level Entrepreneurs will furthermore rise which implies that there will be more steps to strengthen the client base and enhance customer connections.

When a person has the passage to a different way to apply for a benefit without relying on any middleman, it automatically expands the responsibility viewpoint as well. This is noticed more in social welfare schemes like ration cards, the old-age pensions. This is truly very estimable.

Special Purpose Vehicle abbreviated as SPV has been initiated as part of the CSC so that the Government can administer in an advanced and beneficial method through e-Governance. Special Purpose Vehicle is correlated with the CSC system. It is titled ‘CSC e-Governance Services India Ltd’.

On 16th July 2009, the CSC SPV has been integrated under the Companies Act 1956. The primary purpose of the SPV is to monitor the CSC plan and to see that every work is conducted according to the plans and to regulate the consequence on behalf of the Government.

How to do CSC Registration?

Anyone who prefers to begin the Common Service Centre and meet the eligibility criteria can apply online. The procedure to Register for Common Service Centre (CSC) is as follows:

  • Go to the official CSC Portal i.e.
  • On the left side of the page, you will get the option “Interested to become a CSC”, click on it.
  • Next, you will see ” For CSC Registration, Click Here”, click on it.
  • Enter your Aadhar Number in the box.
  • After that select the verification Choice from IRIS/ One Time Password/ Finger Print. Then Click on “Proceed”.
  • Next, click on Generate OTP.
    (Personal information of the person will get filled by itself through the Aadhar database. Email I’d and mobile number will be taken from Aadhar Card and it will only be modified when the change will be made in Aadhar card. Enter additional details being asked there).
  • Upload the Geo-tagged Image of Centers.
  • Lastly, Click on SUBMIT Option.

Acknowledgment number will be mailed to the applicant after submission of the Application.

How to Check CSC Application Status Online?

After the registration for the CSC by the applicants, the second procedure pertains to reviewing the CSC application status. One who has done the registration can review the application status directly online.

Here we will give you a description of the step-by-step method of reviewing your CSC Application Status Online.

  • Open the Official Website of CSC.
  • In the Track Application Section, click on the “Click Here” link.
  • Check the Application Status page will get shown.
  • Enter your Application Reference Number that was created during the Application Procedure. After typing the reference number, fill in the Captcha Code as shown there.
  • Thus click on the Submit Button
  • Then A new page will open.
  • The new page contains Application CSC ID, Reference ID, and digital mail id
  • You will be able to see the message there that the account has been created.

Documents Required for CSC Registration?

The documents required for CSR Registration are as such:

  • Applicant photo
  • Identity Proof
  • Address Proof
  • Canceled copy of cheque/passbook
  • Geotag photo of the center
  • Educational Certificate
  • CSC TEC Course Certificate

What Are the Services given by CSC?

CSC gives various utility payments, health check benefits for the good of the people. It intends to give rise to easy and hassle-free life.

List of Services (In Detail)

Government to Consumer

The services included under this are:

  • Digitize India
  • Pension Services
  • Aadhar Printing and Enrolment
  • Passport Services
  • Insurance Services
  • PAN Card
  • NIOS Registration
  • CyberGram
  • Electoral Services
  • Services of Department of Post
  • Birth/ Death Certificate etc.
  • Water Bill Collection and State Electricity Services
  • Insurance Companies Premium Collection Services like SBI, LIC, ICICI Prudential, AVIVA DHF, and Others
  • NIELIT Service

Business to Consumer

The services included under this are as such:

  • Agriculture Services
  • E-Learning
  • Online Cricket Course
  • Mobile and DTH Recharge
  • IRCTC, Air and Bus Ticket Services
  • E-Commerce Sales (Book, Electronics, Households Items, etc.)
  • CSC Bazaar

Business to Business

The services included under this are as such:

  • Market Research
  • Rural BPO (Data Collection, Digitalization of Data)

 Educational Services

The services included under this are as such:

  • IGNOU Services- Information about courses being offered, Students Admission, Examination Application Form, Results declaration, etc. services will be given by CSC.
  • MKCL Services-the Maharashtra Knowledge Corporation Limited abbreviated as MKCL through online mode will give many vocational and technical courses.
  • Adult Literacy-Through this service, reading, writing, speaking, and listening services will be given.
  • NIELIT Services- Online Examination Form submission, Online Registration/ Fee Collection, and printing of examination.
  • Digital Literacy- Through this service, computer courses that strengthen the IT skills of ASHA and Anganwadi Workers and authorized Ration Card Holder will be motivated. There will also be Investor Awareness Programmes and NABARD Financial Literacy Programme.
  • NIOS Services- Registration of Students, Open Schooling in Rural Areas, Declaration of Results, and Payment of Examination Fees will be enabled through the NIOS service.

FAQs on CCS application status

  1. What is CSC?

Ans- The Common Services Centres (CSCS) are objectified as ICT facilitated, to rework the delivery networks of the social benefits, and also will facilitate rural employability for creating jobs, for providing the facilities of health, banking, entertainment, financial services, education.

  1. What is an Application Reference Number?

Ans– An application Reference number is a number that the applicant gets as a statement after the completion of the registration process.

  1. What is the CSC ID?

Ans- CSC Unique ID Number is the number that the applicant gets after the CSC account has been created successfully.

  1. How CSC works?

Ans- Common Service Centres (CSC) is engaging common people with Banks, Government branches, and insurance companies and with other service departments in the private sector by using an IT-Enabled system of people service points.

  1. Can the Application Status be checked Offline?

Ans- As per the information, the applicants can check the Application status only through online mode.

  1. Does the applicant have to pay any amount for checking the CSC status Online?

Ans- No, there is not any charge for checking the CSC application status online.

  1. What are the minimum qualifications to become a VLE?

Ans- The qualifications to become a VLE are:

  1. a) Should have a correct Aadhaar number.
  2. b) The applicant must be above 18 years of age.
  3. c) The VLE must have passed the 10th from a recognized board.

Final Word:

The plan behind CSC application status is the digitization of various government schemes to make the process easier to carry out. This procedure comprises the assignment of certificates, licenses, and many more.

The employment will be assigned to the VLEs i.e., Village Level Entrepreneurs who will manage Common Service Centres. The objective is to maintain a minimum of one CSC in every Gram Panchayats. Everything will be a combination of public and private partnerships at the primary level.

But, at the state level, the duty of employing the Village Level Entrepreneurs has been put on to private firms recognized as the ‘Service Centre Agencies’. This has been conducted to motivate involvement from the villages. The more involvement the greater will be the achievement of this scheme.

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