Best Independence Day speech in 2021

India is the largest country among the countries with the largest population in the world. India is an independent country and many devotees have given their sacrifices for its independence. These people fought till their last breath and helped the country achieve independence. August 15 Liberated from British rule in 1947 and hence, 15 August is celebrated every year in our country as Independence Day. Here in this article, you are reading a proper Independence Day speech in English.

This day is celebrated as a national festival in the whole of India and for all the people of India, this day is full of joy and this day is celebrated with great pomp, India is now an independent country and this Everyone has the right to freedom in the country and every Indian should be proud on this auspicious occasion.

History of India for Independence Day speech

India was previously a slave country under British rule and for nearly 200 years, the British ruled the country, they kept the Indian people as slaves and also committed many types of atrocities, the British began to be demolished and the people here used to work hard.

The country of India is a very ancient country, and it was very popular for its tradition and integrity, but when the British ruled it, they looted a lot here and looted the treasury here and took it to their country and its heritage. Greatly Damaged to India after the British came under control, the people and the country suffered a lot of damage. It is all details only for the Independence Day speech.

Independence Day speech

Thus, due to the British rule, there was a lot of anger and resentment among the people of India and then many people started raising their voice, and they started opposing British rule and due to this many revolutionaries had to go to jail and on sight After the sacrifice and sacrifice of many leaders and revolutionaries, we finally got freedom on 15 August 1947.

The history of the country of India has been quite great and many sultanates have ruled here. India was full of many resources and heritage. In the olden times, India was very popular for spice production and the spice here was exported to many other countries. When the British came to know about this, they thought of occupying India, which benefited them in many ways.

British arrival in India

After coming to India, the British government made many kinds of strategies, and they were very expert in this work, and they used to easily ensnare the people here in their talks and the British used to divide and adopt policy so that the Indian people could get along with each other. By fighting, they also succeeded in capturing here and then seeing that the British were captured in the whole of India.

The British sent many of the prized treasures to present here to their country and started exporting many things produced here in their country, for this they built many companies here and the workers working here were Indians who were enslaved. It was and when people opposed it, they were beaten up.

After capturing here, he enslaved the people here and got them working, after which the British started torturing the Indian people and when an Indian opposed it, he was tortured in many ways due to fear that people under his pressure Upon coming here, they started working as slaves.

India’s heroic freedom fighters

But slowly people started to understand that this slavery life had to be rid of and for this many revolutionary leaders and brave people started coming forward and then some famous freedom like Mahatma Gandhi, Bhagat Singh, Subhash Chandra Bose and Jawaharlal Nehru the fighter, with his hard work, succeeded in keeping the freedom of the people new.

Now people came to know that they now have to fight for freedom and the British have to run away from here and liberate their country, after this many people started joining this mission and seeing that many people now got freedom, they were joining the revolution and seeing this, it started becoming a problem for the British.

In this freedom fight, when many people started opposing the British, the British also started putting many people and leaders in jail in defence and many types of atrocities on many people and for this reason, many young revolutionaries like Bhagat Singh, Chandrasekhar Azad, Rajguru had to sacrifice their lives for the freedom of the country.

First Prime Minister of India

After the martyrdom and hard work of many patriots, we finally got independence on 15 August 1947 and the British had to leave India and after this, Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru took the position as the first Prime Minister of India and after independence, the country continued to progress. After moving on the path of independence, people also got many benefits after independence.

After independence, now the people got the right to freedom and now people got many rights according to the new constitution, now everyone in India is free and now anyone can come anywhere, and they get this right according to the Indian constitution has contributed a lot of people to achieve this freedom

Many revolutionaries have also sacrificed their lives in liberating the country of India, and now using this freedom, we have to contribute to the progress of our country and take the country of India to a new level. You should understand your responsibility and do everything possible to keep the country clean and safe.

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Every year on 15 August, the tricolour flag is hoisted in school colleges and all government offices and the martyrs of our country and their martyrdom are remembered in the schools and colleges on the day of Independence, there are colourful ceremonies and colourful programs and Sweets are distributed in schools and the festival of freedom of the country is celebrated.

This is the best part of Independence Day speech Along with the government of that country, the citizens of that country also have an important contribution in making a country successful and if it is talked about the country of India, then many heroes have given their sacrifice for the freedom of this country and their sacrifice is taken into consideration.

Keeping this, we should make every effort to preserve the traditional civilization and integrity of the country and should be a partner in the progress of the country, every citizen of the country should work with true integrity and honesty.

This Independence Day speech is written for you so that you can put good weight on your speech at any stage. You can also use this Independence Day speech For kids at your school or college.

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