Application for sick leave Format – Samples in 2022

An application for sick leave is a formal letter where a student or an employee can ask for a leave from school or work because of being Ill or sick. When you write an application for sick leave as an employee, accordingly the letter will function as an explanation in your HR file for the future. You will have to mention the dates and reason of your absence in the application so that the Teacher, Boss, or to whomever the application is being written to understands the reason and for days you’ll take the leave.

You will also have to submit an authentic medical receipt if you take leave for many days due to sickness. Similarly, a formal letter with a medical certificate is submitted in schools and colleges.  Whether you are a student or an employee, you should know to write a leave application in a proper format.

Tips To Write Application for Sick Leave

Applying a leave application is the favorable manner for wanting leave from work for a few days. At present, many companies have an online leave application format, where an employee can ask for leave shortly through the firm’s portal. Here, we are providing tips to write an application for sick leave from school, college, and office.

  • The application should be in a respectful way that shows the request for leave for an authentic reason.
  • The basis of the application should be upheld.
  • Speak of the reason particularly for which you are requesting to take leave.
  • There shouldn’t be any grammatical mistakes.
  • The application should be to the point.

Common Sick Leave Letter Mistakes:

  • As you write your letter, use these samples for the idea and now see the common mistakes people make while writing:
  • False information: Double review to make clear that your information is valid. Check your leave starting date, return date, explanations for leaving, and refer to the firm or legal agreements that ensure your job while you’re on leave.
  • Leaving the office for misinterpretation: Few of your duties may be tough to clarify, but discover a way. If your application includes even a slight point of obscurity, you may get yourself coming back to a mess.
  • Omitting your contact details: Make certain your supervisor, principal, or teacher remembers how to contact you in the case of announcements or emergencies. If you don’t want to be reached, make this obvious.
  • Unnecessary detail: If you exaggerate too much, your most crucial data may fall through the breaks. Try to complete your letter on one or two pages only.

How to Format a Sick Leave Letter?

-In the introductory paragraph, tell about yourself, and respectfully you should come to your message. Your initial paragraph must provide an essential understanding to a reader about your Sick Leave application.

-Secondly, will be the letter body in which you will have to mention the explanation for Sick Leave and extra information related to dates like starting day of leave to expecting return day to the place. Make sure that you include every mandatory critical detail in the body of the letter without overstating. If you are an employee, write about if you have assigned your work to your colleagues or want any help from them.

-Lastly, write the concluding passage, which ends the letter politely and graciously.


Application for sick leave To Principal

Let us see a sample first to understand the format of the leave application. This will help you to write the application for sick leave.

The Principal,
Mount Carmel School

Subject: Sick Leave Application for School.

Dear Sir/Madam,

Most respectfully, I want to inform you that my child Arya is a student of class 5th C of your school. Due to some health problems, my girl is admitted to hospital and is advised to be in a doctor’s care for two days. We are taking care of her in hospital now and she won’t be able to come to school for a few days.

Thus, I plead with you to please understand our situation and give my child leave for a few days (mention starting to ending leave day). I am sticking a medical certificate given by the doctor for your consideration. I assure you that she will attend the school days after they leave.

Thanking you,

Yours truly,
(Name of the Parent),

Write an Application for Sick Leave Format for Supervisor by an Employee

Subject: Application for Sick Leave from office

Dear Mr/Mrs,

With due respect, I am writing this application to tell you that I am undergoing a serious viral infection and thus, I need sick leave from work. I’m feeling unwell since last night and I will not be able to attend the office for at least……… days. As instructed by my physician, I have been advised to take a rest and recuperate appropriately before coming back to the work. A Medical certificate is also attached with this application for your reference.

Kindly give me ……..days leave. In case of any emergency, I will be available on calls. Please contact me when needed. I have informed [ colleague’s name] to take care of the important matters to ensure that all deadlines are met.

Kindly let me notify if there are any other papers required for my sick leave permission. If I foresee I will require more days off from work, I will inform you shortly. I hope you will comprehend and permit me to leave for the mentioned period. I am waiting for a favorable reaction.

Thanks for the concern.

Yours Truly,

Sick Leave Application for School Teacher by Students

In the case of students, it is crucial to take leave to avoid any complications in their examination procedure. A student should write a sick leave application asking leave from the class teacher or principal of the school when he/she is sick to attend the school, The application can be jotted down by the student himself/herself. Follow the format given below to write down the letter.

The Class Teacher,
St. Mary School


Date: 10 January 2022.

Subject: Application for Sick leave.

Respected Sir/Mam,

I am writing this application to state that I am not in a situation to attend the school since

I am undergoing fever. I have been instructed by our family doctor to give rest to the body for at least ………days. Thus, kindly give me leave from …….. to……..(starting to ending leave day). I shall be truly thankful to you.

Thanking you,

Yours obediently,
5 ‘C’
Roll No-24.

FAQs on Sick Leave Application Writing

  1. What are the important points to write in a sick leave application?

Ans: The main things to be spoken of in a leave application are:

-Complete Address


-The purpose for your leave

-Leave Period

-Contact number, Gmail.

  1. How to put down a sick leave letter for school/office/college in a proper format?

Ans: The proper format in composing a sick leave letter is as follows:

-Recipient’s address



-The body

-A manner of gratitude

-A complimentary close


-Any supporting documentation like a medical certificate.

  1. Are teachers given salaries for sick leaves?

Ans: A minimum of 7 sick leaves are given to teachers which they can take in a year. No amount of salary is deducted for these leaves. When they take more than 7 leaves, in such case the teachers have to pay for it from their salary.

  1. What are the Types of Sick Leave Application Schools/College?

Ans: Here are a few sick leave application types:

-Leave Application for Fever

-Medical Leave Application

-Application To Principal for Sick Leave

Final Word:

The application for sick leave written for asking for a few days or month-long leave from the school, college, or workplace because of sickness is called a sick leave application. For example, you have a fever, weakness or are about to go for a small surgery; you will require a week or a month’s leave to rest and recover. This is when you write the application to your manager or principal for leave.

As we understand that one needs to maintain a proper accent as well as a precise pattern, there are various items of this application that always get unnoticed. Moreover, it is crucial to understand the format and its main elements so that you are skilled to compose it in a well-written manner. We focus on giving you a thorough guide on the Application for sick leave, its format, along with some useful samples.

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