How to write Designation change application format

A letter of designation change belongs to a person whose position or placement is being redesignated. A letter requesting a Designation change application format from the employer to the employee may take the form of a promotion letter. It may also come from asking the employer to change the employee’s designation.

The purpose of this letter is for the employer to modify the employee’s status and promote them to a higher position within the same department or another. It is also known as a specific kind of transfer letter.

How to write a letter requesting Designation change application format 

Follow these steps for Designation change application format:

1.    Write a formal heading.

Start your printed letter with a formal header if you decide to address it to your manager or team leader. Your name, your present position, your contact details, and the data are all included. Place your recipient’s name, title, and contact details after these specifics.

You do not need to use a whole formal heading when sending an email. Simply specify in the subject line what the email is about. For instance, you may make your subject line “designation modification Request.” Don’t forget to add important information in the email, such as your present position.

2. Use a professional salutation 

You should begin the remainder of your letter with a formal salutation, such as Dear Mr./Ms./Mrs., immediately below the formal title. Select an appropriate salutation. You might decide to use the reader’s first name if you have a more casual relationship with them or if your company atmosphere is laid back.

3. Specify what you want.

It is crucial to state your letter’s aim clearly and distinctly at the outset of the body. Once the greeting and other formalities are complete, be sure to explain to your recipient why you are writing this letter. As an example, you could begin your letter by stating I’m writing to ask for a designation change to the available position.

4. Explain Why that designation is fit for you.

After explaining your desire to apply for the new position, briefly discuss why this position would be a better fit for you. Make sure to mention the following:

How long have you been working in this organization?

  • Your professional background equips you for a higher job.
  • Examples of successful projects and tasks you’ve completed, together with the financial effect of those projects and activities.
  • Your training programs and credentials are pertinent to this position.
  • Your thoughts on why you can be successful in the new role.
  • Be sure to thank your manager or team lead for their advice and assistance in advancing your career and growth thus far in addition to defending your application.
  • Verify your organization’s allegiance in this area.
  • Mention that you are exploring new opportunities within the organization because of this.

5. Put forth a strategy for the changeover.

Your manager’s main concern when you switch jobs could be what will happen to your existing responsibilities. You can offer to locate a replacement and train them to take over your regular duties and obligations to allay their worries. This not only allays their concerns regarding the transitional phase but also demonstrates your leadership abilities.

6. Express gratitude and close the application.

Thank the reader for their consideration in the final sentence of your message. Declare once more that you want to be promoted to this job. Ask them in advance what will happen next, like scheduling a meeting. Use a formal salutation to end this application, such as Sincerely. End with your name and signature.

A sample of the Designation change application format:

The designation change application format is constructed below. One can change and write them based on your required essentials.

  • Template 1:

Format 1:


The HR Manager,

__________ (Company Name),

__________ (Address)

Date: __/__/____ (Date)

Subject: Request for change of designation

Respected Sir/ Madam,

I am _____________ (Your name) and I am currently employed by your reputable company, _______ (company name), as a ________ (designation) in _________ (department), with employee ID. (employee ID).

I would like to let you know that I have been employed by your business as a _______ for the past ___ (period) (designation). I sincerely ask that you please change my designation _________ (job description) at your organization, where I think I will be able to perform my duties more effectively. I would appreciate your permission to do so because I am the ideal candidate for that position.

I’m looking for a positive reaction from your end as soon as possible. Please reach out to me at ______ if you need any information.

Yours Truly,

________ (Signature),

________ (Name),

________ (Contact Number)

Format 2: Designation change application format:



(Name of the HR Manager/ Boss)

HR Manager/ (Title)

(Name of the Company)

(Office Address)

Sub:  Request designation for change in

Dear Sir/Madam,

I’ve been employed by the company’s (Designation) department for the last few months. I have gotten wage increases once, twice, or three times throughout this employment. I haven’t received any higher places, though, yet.

While understanding and appreciating the company’s stance regarding employee promotions, I humbly request that you please pay attention to the following:

  1. ) In the vast majority of the times that they were given to me, I have met the monthly goals,
  2. ) I’ve been on time and honest at work, maintaining a friendly demeanor with everyone,
  3. ) I have complied with the directives of my senior officers in all respects; I have made a substantial contribution to the completion of key projects, and I have collaborated well with my coworkers to accomplish our objectives.

I have been given more tasks and responsibilities to complete the work during the past few months. Therefore, I humbly ask that you elevate my designation to an appropriate position as may be determined by the management, taking into account the aforementioned facts and my strong record of accomplishments.

Thanking you, Yours faithfully,


(Name of the Employee)

  • TEMPLATE #2 (Email) Designation change application format:

Dear Sir/Madam,

I have been working in this organization for the past years. I currently work as a (Designation). Since I was (mention your duties and responsibilities in brief). Over the past few months, I have occasionally been given new responsibilities, which I have attempted to do as effectively as possible.

In light of these new job activities, I respectfully ask that you revise and upgrade my designation. This will greatly motivate me to carry out my obligations. I’ll be appreciative.

Kind regards,

(Name of the Employee)

Tips for writing a designation change request application

  • Make a plan and do your research.
  • Consider your reasons for moving or wishing to change, as well as the timing of your choice.
  • You may need to give this some extra thought if there isn’t a position open and available for you to transfer to right now.
  • Sorting out these facts and details will enable you to build your message more effectively.
  • Think about the reasons your employer would want to approve this transfer.
  • If they value having you on the team, you should think about the advantages that could result.
  • You need to present a strong case for why they should change your designation.
  • Writing a cover letter and a letter requesting a job transfer are fairly similar tasks.
  • They should be written similarly because they both have the same core purpose.
  • Take advantage of the rapport you’ve built.
  • Although you already work for the company, you shouldn’t assume that a transfer is a given.
  • You still need to be polite and convincing.
  • Think about the company’s needs and how you have been able to use your skills to satisfy them most successfully.

The difference in writing Designation change application format in emails

  • There is no need for a formal header. Emails are formatted very differently from traditional letters. Emails do not start with your contact information or the information of the recipient like letters do. Simply start your email with a formal salutation instead.
  • Make the subject line pertinent. For simplicity of organizing, you should include a summary of the letter in the subject line of your email. Therefore, in this instance, your subject line should make clear that this is a letter requesting a transfer. You might want to add your entire name to the subject line as well.
  • Write it professionally. Even though you probably have a good relationship with the person receiving your message, you should nevertheless maintain the email’s tone formal. Keep in mind that you are making a statement about your willingness to get a new career, so you should present yourself professionally. Always follow a clear purpose, proofread, and utilize the proper salutation and conclusion.
  • Include a contact section at the bottom. Include all pertinent contact information after your signature so that any receiver can get in touch with you and fulfill your request.

Include your phone number, email address, and any other contact information you would like to be given.


A similar thing happens when a person finishes a specified length of time in their current employment and asks the employer to move their post. A proper Designation change application format is followed to write an application.

These letters are required when an employee wants to advance in rank or department, and they are also necessary when an employer wishes to promote or alter an employee’s position.

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