Steph Pappas Biography, Net worth, Education Relationship and More

Steph Pappas is an internet celebrity and social media star and a famous YouTuber who has millions of followers on different social media accounts. She was born on 14 July 2000 in North Canton, USA. As of the year 2022, she is 22 years old. Steph has been active on social media since an early age and has become quite popular in a short period.

Steph creates and uploads videos related to food and makeup on YouTube, apart from this, she also has a lot of followers on platforms like Tiktok, Instagram, and Twitter. People like to watch their vlogs and videos on YouTube, let’s know about the life introduction of Steph Pappas.

Net worth

Steph Pappas is dominated on different platforms of social media in today’s time, she has more than 1 million subscribers on YouTube itself, and Steph started making her YouTube videos at the age of 8. It initially made videos with another YouTuber, but after some time they parted ways in the year 2016.

After this Steph created her channel and started sharing her video content, people also liked her videos a lot and today she has more than 1 million subscribers on YouTube. Her total earnings from different income sources are around $1 million US Dollars.

Net worth growth

Steph is an active girl, who shares content on social media other than youtube, so she earns money by promoting brands on many different platforms, in this way she generates her income using different social media. Her YouTube channel also earns well, due to which his income increases significantly.

Due to having more followers on different social media platforms, Steph gets the opportunity to promote many types of brands, which increases her earnings every year, apart from this, as a blogger, she sells online makeup kits or beauty products. It also promotes the product, due to which benefits in the form of direct income.


Steph’s full name is Stephanie Pappas, but people lovingly call her Steph, she is popular today through her YouTube channel, she has more than 12 lakh subscribers on her YouTube channel, and she is the best content creator for her subscriber, Steph started creating video content when she was only 9 years old. Steph celebrates her birthday on the 14th of July every year. He was born in the year 2000 in Ohio, USA.

Real Full NameStephanie Pappas.
Famous ForHaving millions of followers on YouTube.
Works AsDigital Content Creator.
Age (as of 2022)22 years old.
BirthdayJuly 14, 2000.
Sun SignCancer.
Place of BirthOhio, The USA
EthnicityWhite Caucasian.
ReligionRoman Catholic.
Parents FatherJohn Pappas.
MotherKris Pappas.
SchoolHoover High School.
Marital StatusSingle.
Boyfriendross smith.
Net worth (as of 2021)$1 million US Dollars.

Relationship & More

Steph Pappas has been active in making video content since the age of 9, at this age most children feel hesitant to speak properly, so in the initial days, they shared music-related video content on their YouTube channel. Once a competition was kept by her on her YouTube, in which the winner was going to get a chance to make a video call.

The contest was won by one of his subscribers, Ashley, who was a big fan of hers. After this, Steph and Ashley became friends, after which they both started appearing in videos together and they also did a music video together. With cooperation, both of them started their own YouTube video, in which both of them were seen playing Minecraft games.

Career and Awards

Initially, it appeared in a joint channel but after some time it started working in its single channel, it had a channel named ‘Steph Pappas’, Steph uploaded her first video on March 2, 2016, in which she Explained in detail the reason for her separation from Ashley. At one point in time, they decided that both of them should separate now and they got busy making videos after separating.

Today Steph Pappas has built a successful YouTube channel with over 1 million followers, a great achievement for her young age. Apart from YouTube, this beautiful girl is also active on different social media platforms and often brings great content to her fans.

There is also a huge number of subscribers on her Instagram and Twitter, Steph is very attractive, so she provides beauty tips to her followers through her channel. Apart from this, she provides various types of content like food reviews, and prank videos through her blog.

It publishes various types of video content for the entertainment of its viewers, which include pranks, fun, and challenges, which are also well-liked by the people. She now single-handedly manages her YouTube channel and social media accounts.

Social media accounts

Steph Pappas created her YouTube channel in the year 2009, where she became a famous YouTuber by continuously uploading videos. Apart from YouTube, the star has also found success on other social media platforms. Where she has more than 2 lakh followers on Instagram.

Apart from this, he has more than 7 thousand followers on her Twitter account. Apart from this, she is also popular on the famous Chinese app Tiktok, where she is followed by around 679k people. If you want to follow this star on different platforms, you can click on the link to his account given below.

Profiles Instagramstephpappas



In today’s time, everyone knows this girl, popular as a social media star, and millions of people follow her, she was not very good in the field of studies, but she was very interested in sports since childhood. While pursuing her studies, she picked up skills like video editing, while simultaneously completing her graduation.

Steph Pappas was very interested in dancing since the beginning, so she has also worked as a cheerleader, today Steph is at the stage where she can fulfill her dreams, she told during an interview that if she If not a YouTuber, she would be a girl working at a clothing store.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1) Which car does Steph Pappas have?

Ans. Steph Pappas is a popular social media influencer who earns from multiple sources, she owns a BMW Series 3 320i xdrive.

Q.2) How much is the net worth of this YouTuber girl?

Ans. Steph Pappas has touched the heights of success by achieving success in a very short time, through which he earns from YouTube and other social media accounts, his total assets are around 1 million dollars.

Q.3) When did Steph Pappas start her career?

Ans. Steph Pappas started her career as a YouTube channel in the year 2009 when she was only 9 years old when she started her career.

Q.4) Who is Steph Pappas boyfriend?

Ans. Steph Pappas is currently very excited about her career and working as a YouTuber and social media influencer, her boyfriend’s information is not available yet.

Q.5) Is Steph Pappas married?

Ans. As of the year 2022, Steph Pappas is only 22 years old, apart from this she is working ahead with her career, currently, she is a single girl. According to the year 2022, this information is at the time of writing the blog, updates are possible in this blog over time, so stay tuned to our blog.

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