Lawrence Bishnoi Net worth, Biography, Relationship & More

Lawrence Bishnoi is a gangster living in India, who is known to all for his bad deeds, although this gangster is still in jail, he has a whole team, who works outside at his behest, recently he has a Famous Indian singer Sidhu Musewala was killed, due to which people want to know about this gangster.

Living in India, in today’s time, Lawrence Bishnoi has become a big criminal at the age of just 30 years, many types of streams have been imposed on him, and many cases are going on, due to which this criminal is imprisoned at this time. But it is believed that the gang of this criminal is spread in many big areas of North India, and his contacts are with many big gangsters.

Lawrence Bishnoi Net worth

Lawrence Bishnoi loses in the college elections while pursuing his studies, to avenge his defeat, he fires at the people standing in the opposition, due to which everyone starts fearing him, many sections are also imposed on him, due to which After Lawrence Bishnoi is also sent to jail, but as a criminal, he becomes an identity, now many people come in contact with him, after which he is also funded by many people.

Lawrence Bishnoi is known as a notorious gangster in today’s time, who has also taken his betel nut to kill many people, so it is now also known as a killer, it takes money to kill someone. Is. Apart from this, its network is from the world of the underworld, from where it gets a lot of money, which is not known.

Lawrence Bishnoi Biography

Lawrence Bishnoi was born on 12 February in the year 1992, which is known as a criminal and gangster in today’s time, this criminal has just been jailed for violating Indian law, this gangster Most of the area is in the main region of North India like Punjab, Haryana, Delhi, Rajasthan. Lawrence Bishnoi himself had taken the responsibility of killing Sidhu Musewala, after which he has been punished.

Lawrence’s family mainly belongs to Rajasthan, he was born in Abohar, Punjab, and his father’s name is Lavinder Singh. But after completing his early education, this person came to complete his further studies from DAV, Chandigarh, where he came in such contact that he chose the path of crime and became a gangster.

Real NameLawrence Bishnoi
Date Of Birth12 February 1992
Birth PlaceAbohar, Punjab
Professiongangster, and illegal activities
ParentsLavinder Singh – Mother Not Known
HobbyRunning, Gymming, Writing poetry, Reading books

Lawrence Bishnoi Relationship & More

Lawrence was born on 12 February to Constable Lavinder Bishnoi, and completed his schooling in Abohar, where he attended a convent school, most of his family relatives are from Haryana and Rajasthan. When Lawrence came to Chandigarh to study in college, his good hold in the college got strengthened in no time. His friends suggested that Lawrence should contest the election, after losing the election at the college level, Lawrence formed his organization, which was named the Student Organization of Punjab University (SOPU).

When Lawrence lost the college election, he quarreled with his colleagues in the opposition party, and in 2011 he opened fire on the opposition party, after which Lawrence was charged with various charges, from where his crime was committed. The story started, and today everyone knows him as a notorious gangster all over India.

FatherLavinder Singh
MotherNot Known
BrotherAnmol Bishnoi (Boxer)
Wife/ GirlfriendNot Known

Career and Awards

When Lawrence Bishnoi became popular as a popular gangster, it was recognized even abroad, in today’s time, many people in the country are involved in its gang, mostly boys are involved, one other named Goldie Brar in their gang. Member exists, who manages the team while living in Canada.

In today’s time, Lawrence is lodged in Ajmer Jail in Rajasthan due to his criminal tendency, Lawrence’s network is so present that even while in jail, he has the power to get any person murdered outside, in this way he is in jail. Operates his gang even while living. He also takes contracts to kill many people, from which he gets money, by which he manages his gang. Apart from this, it also gets support from people sitting outside the country.

Social media accounts

People all over India today know Lawrence as a gangster, due to which many cases are going on, many youths are a part of this gangster’s activities, but it is a crime to walk on such a path, at the moment Lawrence Not much information is available on his social media account.



Lawrence Bishnoi completed his early education at a convent school in Punjab, after which he went on to graduate from DAV University in Chandigarh, where he became known as a criminal. From the very beginning, it got involved in many wrongdoings to make a distinct identity of its own. Despite his good education, Lawrence grew up as a criminal. At present, its gang members are present in many areas of Punjab, Haryana, and Rajasthan.

Name Of SchoolSachkhand Convent School Abohar
Higher EducationDAV College Chandigarh

Today people all over the country know about Lawrence, and there are many such things related to his life, that many people want to know, Lawrence Vishnoi’s crimes are many. He has done many such things in his life, which a normal person likes to do.

Blackbuck is worshiped in Rajasthan, for which Salman Khan is being sued, so Lawrence had also threatened to kill Salman Khan, after which Salman Khan’s security has been increased even more. For those who want to know the unheard things related to Lawrence’s life, we have selected some special questions for you to read.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1) Where is Lawrence Bishnoi from?

Ans. Lawrence Bishnoi is a notorious gangster, who hails from Punjab, but is currently lodged in a jail in Rajasthan.

Q.2) How old is Lawrence Bishnoi?

Ans. Lawrence Bishnoi is 30 years old as of the year 2022.

Q.3) How many cases are mainly on Lawrence Bishnoi?

Ans. Lawrence Bishnoi is a criminal, who is recently jailed in Sidhu Moosewala’s murder case, apart from this, more than 50 cases are going on.

Q.4) What does Lawrence Bishnoi do?

Ans. Lawrence Bishnoi is a notorious gangster, a criminal who also kills people with betel nuts.

Q.5) What does Lawrence Bishnoi’s father do?

Ans. Lawrence Bishnoi’s father is a constable named Lavinder Singh.


Lawrence is a vicious criminal and gangster, who started as a criminal at the age of 11, after which he got stuck in the quagmire of crime, the extent of his crimes increased so much that he killed many big people. Began to take betel nuts, recently his name has come up in the Sidhu Moosewala case, apart from this, this gangster has also threatened to kill Bollywood actor Salman Khan. In this way, the name of this gangster always remains in the discussion.

Many people who support wrongdoings provide money to Lawrence Bishnoi for such work, apart from this he has so much grip that he commits crimes outside with the help of his team while sitting in jail. Most of the names of people involved in crime remain secret, so there is not much information available about their income.

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