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Jessica Garza is very popular as an American actress, the reason for her fame is her stellar role in the recent TV show “The Purge”. She performed well in this TV show, due to which many people know her today. Jessica Garza has worked in many great Hollywood films, due to which she achieved success at a very young age.

Jessica Garza is a successful American actress, who has worked in many TV shows and films, and has achieved a new position. In today’s time, many people like Jessica Garza, and the number of her fans is also very high. Many people want to know important things related to her life, in this article, we will know in detail about the biography of Jessica Garza.

Wiki & Biography

Jessica Garza has made her mark as a famous actress today, she was born on 17 April 2000 in Dallas, Texas USA. Jessica’s age is around 22 years as of 2022, this beautiful actress has made her own identity in a short period, and today she is known as a successful actress.

Jessica Garza was born in Dallas, Texas, and received her early education there, her school and college-related education-specific information are not available, and she has not leaked much information about herself on the Internet. Jessica has not shared information related to her personal life by any means.

Jessica’s parents understood their daughter’s art, and they knew their daughter could become a successful actress. So a difficult step was taken by her mother, after that, she took Jessica to Los Angeles, where she left Jessica to learn acting, as well as she, was positive about Jessica, Jessica was also very talented since childhood, And following the advice of her parents, he carried forward her career in this direction.

Physical Appearance

Jessica is a beautiful actress, in such a situation, she works hard in many ways to keep herself fit and healthy, and also takes great care of her food and drink. The height of Jessica is about 5 feet 4 inches, and her weight is around 54 kg. her hair color is beautiful black, and her eye color is lovely dark brown.

Jessica has been with her parents since the beginning, and she also got her sense of dressing from her parents, she comes from a good family, where she was given a good upbringing, and based on this, she finds herself in a better way. Keeps it from the beginning. The combination of her face’s fair color and black hair looks very attractive, as well as seeing her brown eyes, she does not look less than a princess.

Height5 feet 4 inches (164 cm)
Weight54 kg (119 lbs)
Eye colorDark Brown
Hair ColorBlack

Family & Ethnicity

Jessica Garza is a very talented girl besides being a beautiful actress, her acting is discussed by many people in today’s time, but the information related to her parents has not been leaked much by her. He has mentioned one of her brothers, whose name is Michael Garza, and he has a very good relationship with her brother. Information related to other family members or parents will be updated on this blog soon.

The name of Jessica’s parents is still not in our knowledge, but they share many activities in their lives through social media, if you want to get information related to their life, then they can be found on Instagram and follow her.

Personal Life & Relationship

Jessica Garza achieved success at a very young age, she used to perform with her siblings, and in the beginning, she used to practice acting by making sets at home with her brother and sister, and this helped her in the field of acting. Got more boost. Apart from this, she wanted to act since childhood, due to which she wanted to become an actress.

The information received from an interview shows, in the beginning, he got a chance to act on many different sets. In the beginning, he also got a set related to music. Jessica’s parents have also always supported him in pursuing her acting career. When her parents realized that Jessica was interested in acting and that she could become a successful actress, her mother moved her to Los Angeles. Because her mother wanted her to learn acting skills professionally, Jessica got to learn something new in Los Angeles.

Acting Jessica was the right decision, due to which she has made her identity as a famous American actress today, many of her fans also want to know personal things related to her life, but personal life by Jessica Not much has been leaked related to her, the information about her being a boyfriend is also not available on the internet.

Filmography & Net worth

Jessica started her career at a very young age, she got a chance to act in a short film called “The Coconut Syndrome” at the age of 11, this film came in the year 2011. She did not get much response from this film, but after that, she again started to strengthen her acting skills and in the year 2015, she got a chance from Four, in which she got a small role in NCIS’s TV series Manch.

This was a good opportunity for her career. She did a great job in the episode “Troll[1]” in which she was seen as Lena Korkamaz. The character of Jessica was well-liked by the audience. People started knowing him after doing this series, it also affected her career. The series received a positive response from many critics.

Apart from this, the audience also liked this series very much and it got a great rating of 7.8 on IMDb. After this series, Jessica’s confidence increased a lot, and now she started preparing for the upcoming act with more enthusiasm. In the year 2017, Jessica was seen as cast in the Silicon Valley film “Pure Genius”. The film was also successful at the box office and was rated 7.8 on IMDb.

After this, many great films started coming in her career, and in the year 2016, he got a chance to act in the famous TV series “Six”. There were many episodes of this TV series where he had to suit by staying alone on the set, which was a bit difficult for him. Since she was very young at that time, it was difficult for her to shoot alone on the sets.

After this, when her acting was liked, her salary was also increased for this TV show, after making about 19 episodes of this TV show, its rating also increased a lot, apart from this, Jessica was also removed from this show. It started getting a lot of popularity. The actress in this show had to struggle a lot and after a lot of hard work, when the show was aired, the show became very much liked.

Facts about Jessica Garza

  • Jessica Garza started her career at the age of 11, she wanted to be an actress from the beginning.
  • Jessica got a new identity with the TV series “The Purge”, in which she appeared in the lead role. She was named Penelope Guerrero in this TV show.
  • This actress remains active on the social media platform Instagram, where many people follow her.
  • Jessica is very fond of looking stylish, she recently had a photoshoot done with red colored hair.

More Facts about Jessica Garza

  • She was seen redheaded in one of her famous series ‘Penny Deadfulness of Angels’.
  • Jessica is very attached to her brother, she also often shares information related to her brother on Instagram.
  • Recently, she shared information related to her brother’s film “The Scary Stories” from her Instagram account.
  • Jessica Garza is also highly searched on the internet, many people like her style of acting very much.


Jessica Garza hard work took the show to new heights. Since the release of this show, people have praised Jessica fiercely, her professional acting skills can be seen in this show. Till now I had not been able to achieve a very high position in her career, but she was constantly trying, although she had registered her identity in the TV show, still she was trying to do something big.  After this, in the year 2018, he got a chance to work in a show named “The Purge”, in which her acting was well-liked.

Jessica Garza gained a different identity through “The Purge”. After this show, many people started to know her and she had become a star now. She has also earned a lot of money by appearing in many TV shows and movies in her career, as of the year 2020, her net worth is around US$500,000. Although Jessica Garza has just started her career, she has yet to reach great heights. She is a hardworking girl, who does her work very well, and in today’s time, many people are crazy about her acting skills., and many people have become fans, and wait for her upcoming film.

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