How to get experience certificate

Everything about Experience Certificate

A certificate is handed out to the employees that describe that the employee was part of the company, the work tenure of the employee, and the designation. And that certificate is known as an experience certificate.

When a person goes for any job interview then they are asked about the before experience in any company so that the person can be hired and given a good post according to the past work experience, therefore at that time the experience certificate becomes necessary to prove.

If you want to know anything about this certificate, then you have come to the right place. Read further so that you can get to know everything about what an experience certificate is, its format, its importance, the format to write the experience letter, and its importance.

The letter of the work experience certificate is an authorized letter submitted by the employer at the time when the employer is leaving the organization. Some of the organizations give the certificate by itself to the employee but some of the organization doesn’t give, instead, the employee has to ask for the certificate.

And any employee should not remain quiet in asking for the certificate as it is very essential for the future and to get a job in any renowned organization. Therefore, an employee should write a letter to HR or the head of the respective department.

The experience letter includes the contents like:

  • The duration for which you have performed in the organization. The starting work date and the company leaving date should be referred to in the letter.
  • Your designation, the salary must be written in the experience letter.
  • The dedication and willingness to do the work you had while working in the organization.
  • Employers’ observation is furthermore mentioned in the letter.

The matter acts as a backing of the details you have mentioned in your resume. Thus, this letter is crucial like other various certificates. The employers must give the experience letter to employees written in the correct format.

The correct format is also incredibly crucial as the experience letter is evidence of your work experience and therefore the letter must look professionally written.  The company’s letterhead matters a lot like the letter written on it works for determining whether the letter is real or fake.


While providing the experience certificate, a company must keep certain things in mind:

  • The certificate must be in a positive and polite speech. It should seem like the employee has worked in a renowned company.
  • The issue date of the certificate must be mentioned.
  • Employee name and the duration of the work done by the employee should be spoken of.
  • The position of the employee and the joining and last working day of the employee should be mentioned.
  • The performance and the target earned by the employee should be presented. The creative ideas and opinion for any task.
  • The wishes for future work and success.
  • Sign of Authorized person and company’s stamp.

Importance of Experience Certificate:

The certificate completely clarifies the ability and skill a person has to do a job and the extent to which the person can contribute to the achievement of the organization.

With this certificate, you can fix a position in any organization at the time of the interview. Also, by working in a company for a year or two, you will get to know about the work and the enthusiasm to work actively and professionally.

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Experience Certificate Format:

The format of the experience certificate is incredibly crucial as it describes the work background of the employee. Firstly the issuance date must be written on the top of any side of the certificate as the date is important for the employee’s work.

Then, whoever is written so that the company can edit the name of the employee and give it to a different employee. The period of the employee’s work is written. This includes the beginning and date of leaving the organization is mentioned.

Then the contributions made by the employee for the upliftment of the company are written. The work qualities the employee has, the punctuality to work and activeness for any situation. The body must speak of the behaviour the employee had with customers and colleagues and the target attained by the employee.

Then an encouraging note should be written by hoping best for the employees future and success in further works. The certificate should end with the head of the department’s signature, company’s name, reference information for the future.

These days, people make fake experience certificates to get a job easily therefore keep in mind to issue the certificate with the company’s letterhead and approved by the authorized person of the organization.

So the correct format for the experience certificate is given below:

Company’s Letterhead

To whomever

This is to certify that the employee (full name) was working with our company at this designation for the period (employee working tenure, date of work start to end date).

The employee was completely dedicated to the work and worked excellently for the growth of the organization. He/she has good communication skills and has positive behaviour towards work and with colleagues. He/she is punctual to work and is active in any incident in the organization.

The salary of the employee, any rewards. The wishes for future work and success.


Yours sincerely,



Name of the organization.

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